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The Try-a-Tool-a-Week Challenge Week 13: GoConqr

WEEK 13 – GoConqr

No. 13 is good luck for all our Challenge Takers, as this week's application features Flashcards, Quizzes, Mind Mapping, and Note tools, all for free! GoConqr (formerly known as ExamTime), is a powerful learning environment rich in interactive functionality.

With GoConqr, it's easy to share digital resources, monitor progress using quizzes and tracking individual results, and watch students become actively engaged in the learning process.

Here are some articles about ways that teachers have used GoConqr (these articles reference their prior brand name, ExamTime)

  • Michael Karlin of The Ed Tech Round Up writes up about his use of GoConqr/ExamTime in this article
  • “Mrs Sharpe's Classroom” writes about ExamTime in this article
  • In this article, you can read about multiple teachers and how they have used GoConqr to engage students in active learning

This quick video shows how easy it is to create FlashCards with GoConqr:

You can sign up for GoConqr quickly using a Gmail/Google or Facebook account, or create a new user name and password. Once you sign in, you'll probably want to check this other quick videos showing how to create Mind Maps, Quizzes, and Notes.

So go check out GoConqr! After you do, please do comment below and tell us about your experience, so you'll have a chance at winning one of our giveaways at the end of the challenge! What did you like the most about it? How do you think you'll use it with your students?

About the Challenge:

The Try-a-Tool-a-Week Challenge started March 1st. Every Sunday through the end of May we're publishing a new web page with a new, awesome free tool to try. Everyone who provides their name and email address (click here to open the Challenge introduction page and SIGN UP) will get an email providing the link to the page. The goal is just to have fun and learn about these powerful free web applications for teaching and learning, and along the way you get the opportunity to win some giveaways we'll award at the end of the challenge to randomly selected participants! To have a chance a winning, just participate and share some observations about the tools you each week!

Here are the tools we've shared so far:


  1. What a versatile tool! I can image many possibilities, but will be sharing this in a student orientation course for higher ed undergraduates. The options for group collaboration is wonderful!

  2. I am taking a course right now to get Google certified and the Docs/Drive is some of the coolest stuff I have ever seen. Can’t wait to integrate it into my teaching next Fall.

  3. I just tried this webtool. I’m not thrilled about it. There some other tools that look niver and do the same. Perhaps one of the advantage is that you have different tools in only one place.

  4. What is not to like about this tool! GoConqr is a comprehensive user friendly one -stop information gathering site! What a mouth full! Everything GoConqr offers provides teachers with the data needed to help students succeed in a variety of concepts. With customizable content individual students can receive content specific reviews via flashcards. Quizzes are amazingly easy to create and use to gather data. The I find the review following a quiz and the ability to access resources to help with a review critical to student success. The mind mapping tool is excellent! What a great way to illustrate the interconnectedness of ideas with color, hierarchy and graphics! And best of all, multi-media friendly.
    Overall, GoConqr lives up to its title! Teacher and student can conquer their instructional and learning needs in one user friendly site!

  5. Collaborative with Google Drive/Docs! is really useful.
    From my experience, students needed helps to learn how to add comments, edit documents without deleting documents by mistakes, and revise the right “version” they wanted to use for their projects.
    About sharing Google Docs with parents or friends, users should verify who owns “google account” first, then decide how to share Google Docs with them, such as to “share” or to “share link” through e-mail message. When collaborative with people who do not have Google accounts, users should include a brief explanation about “how to use” within the e-mail message. Because many people got panic when they had troubles login to Google Docs to review or edit documents.
    Before sharing your Google Docs with your students, friends, or colleagues, you better share it to yourselves under different e-mail accounts first. By doing this, you can verify if people will be able to review or edit the Google Docs you shared with them.

  6. I’m undecided about this site. Every other week I went and made a lesson quick but this one seemed a little more cumbersome to me. I need to go back and play some more. I do like the flash cards but the rest didn’t really excite me. Sorry

  7. This was such an easy tool to use. I love the mapping and I created a quick quiz in about two minutes. The flashcards were okay but all I could do was “review”. I use study stack for flashcards. You can create or use ones already done and there is a variety of games to practice. I think the combination of the two sites would be easy tools to integrate. I will definitely pass conqr on to others!

  8. I love the ability to create so many wonderful classroom resources for my students with this website. Although probably not the most powerful tool, my favorite thing is the flash cards. I have looked for good digital flashcards and have been disappointed with what I have found so far… until now! This is definitely going into my “toolkit” for my students as they learn and practice their multiplication facts.

  9. An amazing and versatile tool for teachers. Many resources can be created from the same website making work life easier for teachers and students. I have shared the URL with my colleagues to share it with teachers as we do have a class of our own.
    A One Stop Shop for our busy teachers.


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