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Got to do the “legalese” thing. In an effort to blog responsibly, I am publishing the following disclaimer regarding this blog and its content.

  • Terms of use / hold harmless. The information provided here is for informational purposes only and not for legal or other professional advice. Readers are reading and/or using any of the information they glean here at their own choosing and their own risk.
  • Privacy statement. I will not sell reader's contact information to another company. I am not responsible for the privacy practices of advertisers or blog commenters.
  • Reserve rights. I reserve the right to change the focus of this blog, to shut it down, to sell it, or to change the terms of use (go to a paid platform) at my discretion.
  • Copyright policy. I am the legal copyright holder of the material on this site. Permission is granted under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike licensing for non-commercial reproductions of the articles on this site. All reproductions of content from this site must cite “EmergingEdTech.com” as their source.
  • Advertisers and sponsors. I am not responsible for the actions of advertisers or sponsors listed here. If a reader purchases a product or service based upon a link found here, that reader must take action with that company to resolve any issues.
  • Paid endorsements: For many years, I rarely accepted paid placements, but as of late 2017, the costs of running the site often exceeded the advertising income the site generates. In order to support the site and continue delivering quality content for free to educators across the world, I am open to accepting paid posts for products and services that I am comfortable with sharing with my readers. I have written paid posts on behalf of WeAreTeachers (and such posts are labeled accordingly). Other than those posts, I have rarely published any paid content (as of November 2019, I have published 3 other paid posts in total). All posts must be unique, informative, well-written, and focused on education technology. Reach out via the Contact Form to learn more.
  • Comments and other correspondence directed to the editor: Any comments posted here, or correspondence submitted via the Contact form, can be shared with the blogging audience, and there is no confidentiality provided for such correspondence. Comments and correspondence are considered the property of this blog, and may be used in future posts or other publications.