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Try-a-Tool-a-Week Challenge WEEK 7: Movenote


[Ed Note: I just learned that Movenote now requires a paid subscription, starting at $2.99 a month. I think they need to provide solid help and support if they are going to that model (their “Help” function is pretty minimal and I don't see any way to communicate). We'll have to see how that works out. – KW 5/9/16] 

WEEK 7 – Movenote

Want to deliver an assignment and explain it with a quick video or audio clip? Movenote makes it a snap! Movenote is a great free web app for creating a video or audio note to ‘attach' to one or more digital resources. One of the coolest functions of Movenote is the ability for students to respond via video as well. This is such a good way to bring more social interaction and teacher presence to digital assignments, online course work, flipped content delivery, blended learning, etc. So go for it – give Movenote a try today!

Here's a 3 Minute Teaching With Tech Tutorial for Movenote:

Each week when we introduce a new tool, we like to share some perspective on using it in the classroom that other educators have published on the Web.

You know the drill … AFTER YOU TRY Movenote, be sure to comment below and tell us about your experience (so you have a chance at winning one of our give aways at the end of the challenge)! If you've already used Movenote, we want to hear from you too! How did you use it for? Was it easy to use? What did your students have too say about it?

About the Challenge:

The Try-a-Tool-a-Week Challenge started March 1st. Every Sunday through the end of May we're publishing a new web page with a new, awesome free tool to try. Everyone who provides their name and email address (click here to open the Challenge introduction page and SIGN UP) will get an email providing the link to the page. The goal is just to have fun and learn about these powerful free web applications for teaching and learning, and along the way you get the opportunity to win some giveaways we'll award at the end of the challenge to randomly selected participants! To have a chance a winning, just participate and share some observations about the tools you each week!

Here are the tools we've shared over the last 6 weeks:


  1. Sorry to hear of your issues with Movenote Deborah. I’ve created Movenotes with different sets of content and was able to move between them as I recorded, without any problem, so I am not sure what the issue was when you note that “the slides didn’t move forward”, and I don’t know what you mean re: “markings as a I talk have disappeared”. I did go to Movenote to try and take a look, and then noticed that they have now moved to a paid platform only, which is kind of a bummer, but for $2.99 a month, it isn’t bad, as long as it works and you get support, which your fee should have entitled you to.

  2. I put a lot of work in but the slides don’t move forward and my markings as I talk have kind have disappeared. Very frustrating…. then I paid them thinking this might help…but nope… love the idea but it sucks!

  3. This is a pretty cool little tool! It reminds me of the Google VideoNotes app.
    The power point friendly aspect make sit easy to convert ready made presentations. Its friendliness with Word Documents makes it easy to package a
    comprehensive presentation.
    The real time video capability facilitates “Flipped Classroom” resources. Students can easily view and review. Adding their comments as they watch.
    It is quick, its easy and rich with possibilities!
    Good choice, thank you!

  4. I like this but I don’t like the idea of my face being on the screen. I like all the functions except that.

  5. This is such a powerful tool! It is easy to use and I love how quick and easy it is to set up a video that accompanies content. I think my favorite part about this is that students can reply to me with a video as well. Though I’ve only used it as an interface with my students, I can see my students in the future using it to give book reports or some other type of presentation and then having other students respond back to them with a video or message. LOVE this!

  6. I was unable to try Movenote this week as it was exam week for us. I look forward to hearing what hose who did try it have to say about it.

  7. I have really enjoyed these weekly challenges, and my students now laugh when I start class with, “I want us to try a new website…”

    I love the possibilities of Movenote! For my practice, I created a 1-minute introduction for a lesson, and I challenged the students to respond with a text comment or a video. My slides were a couple of pages from their notes/work, plus a few screen shots of what the lesson entailed. (I could not figure out how to annotate the slides while filming, though, so I look forward to playing around with it a bit more.) The student responses ranged from “This was cool,” to a couple longer video explanations that summarized the lesson to sharing an Ah-ha! moment from the lesson. For me, the webcam portion of the video was quite awkward, so I was really glad to have the opportunity to stretch myself with this web-resource. (The kids had no problems recording their video comments, though!) I can’t wait to find other opportunities to use this web tool!

  8. Very interesting tool, I can certainly see this as a tool to replace F2F presentations in the classroom! A fun project might me a “photo-a-day” with an audio narration, embedded in a blog.

  9. I just tried Movenote: what a great website (and app!). It’s really easy to use. I’m already seeing a great way for using it soon. Indeed, I’ll be far from school for almost a month because of health problems: so, I will upload a presentation of comment it on video on Movenote. Like this, I still be able to teach my pupils! And I’m sure they will find it fun!

    Only request I have: it would be great if the links we have in the pdf document could be active on Movenote to.

  10. I started using MoveNote last year with my high school students. I love it! It is easy to use and it provides my students with link to share their MoveNote with me. We had several snow days last year and it cut my days for presentations. I had the students that weren’t going to be able to present in class use MoveNote to give their presentation. I’ve also used it as a tool to have students explain their reasoning in my Geometry classes. I really love that students can get to it from their Drive.

  11. Movenote was a nice tool to learn. I had some problems uploading my slides. Once it allowed me to do this, the video creating and sharing worked quite smoothly. It would be a nice way to share new apps and web tools out to my teaching staff.

  12. I discovered Movenote about a month ago and have used it several times. I love how easy it is to use. Movenote also links to your google drive and gmail. One way I have used it in my classroom is that I allow my students to orally answer their homework questions using Movenote. It is really interesting to view their answers in this format.

  13. Movenote is my most favourite of all the tools we have looked at.
    I use it not only for school but also for personal use.
    It is great for quick tips on software, bright spots or highlights of a child’s day
    or let me show you what I know videos for parents!
    I also have used it with family and friends when we are collaborating on a project!
    It is so easy to use and gives good quality results without all the stress of saving videos!
    I love it!!!


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