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Try-a-Tool-a-Week Challenge WEEK 9: Tackk

WEEK 9 – Tackk

Tackk is a free web application that lets you easily post an image, video, or other digital content and add some text so you can ask questions, provide direction for an assignment, and so on. A comments section is automatically available for each piece of content, so there’s an instant discussion forum! While Tackk isn’t just for educators, it has lots of education-friendly features, like the ability to make a Tackk private.

You can create your own account in a few clicks by associating it with a Facebook, Google+, or other type of social media account. Then just click on the blue “Create” button to get started making your own Tackk!

Here's a 3 Minute Teaching With Tech Tutorial for Tackk:

Here are some posts other educators have written about Tackk, including ideas for using it in the classroom:

Remember, AFTER YOU TRY Tackk, please be sure to comment below and tell us about your experience, so you'll have a chance at winning one of our giveaways at the end of the challenge! Tell us how you used it. Was it easy to use? What did your students have too say about it?

About the Challenge:

The Try-a-Tool-a-Week Challenge started March 1st. Every Sunday through the end of May we're publishing a new web page with a new, awesome free tool to try. Everyone who provides their name and email address (click here to open the Challenge introduction page and SIGN UP) will get an email providing the link to the page. The goal is just to have fun and learn about these powerful free web applications for teaching and learning, and along the way you get the opportunity to win some giveaways we'll award at the end of the challenge to randomly selected participants! To have a chance a winning, just participate and share some observations about the tools you each week!

Here are the tools we've shared so far:


  1. I’m seeing many uses for this, but am going to start by using it for a monthly tech tips newsletter for faculty. Thanks for featuring this one!

  2. This is so quick and easy to use! I like the comment feature as it does lend itself nicely to discussion. Students are engaged through this platform as well.

  3. “I want us to try out a new website…” 😉 My idea for using Tackk was a formative assessment, and I used the comment features for students’ responses, and it worked so well! I uploaded a graph and asked my students to draw conclusions about particular points on the graph. If they couldn’t make an original comment, they could upload a different image of a graph, so students could also comment on each other’s work. I was very particular about the wording of their answers, so I loved that I could reply to their statements.

    The Tackk was so easy to create, and I loved that the students could easily comment from their devices. (By the time I had finished explaining the assignment, several students had already commented!) I think this idea could work for many subject areas, too. Upload a picture of a political cartoon, watch a video, read the passage, solve the problem…and then use the comments to draw conclusions. I can’t wait to share this great resource with others! Thanks so much!

  4. Tackk is such a fantastically simple platform that has such a powerful impact upon learning; I have used it for presentations, for lessons and have shared it with many teachers at school who are now using it across a variety of subject areas and age groups. I like the fact that it is linear and that you can add text, photos, videos, audio and links all in one place; a great way to construct a lesson; students love interacting with the resources and we can collaborate on Google docs, Padlet walls easily; I generally turn off the comment stream, keep it private in order to keep my students safe. Here is a Tackk Taster https://tackk.com/taster

  5. Tackk was easy to sign up for and try out for the first time. I really like the ease of adding privacy and password protection for students. This will have very good applicability to our counties policy of using our LMS, itslearning, to continue to teach lessons when school is cancelled due to snow days.

  6. I found Tackk easy to use in the creating phase but then had troubles finding out how to edit once it was published. After googling the question, I found the faq page. While I was exploring the site, I did encounter some inappropriate Tackk feeds under the “latest” tab. In order for this to be truly useful tool in the educational setting, the feeds should be monitored more carefully!

  7. I work in tech integration. This is going to be an awesome tool for our district’s LMS users. I can see lots of usage: exit responses, historical openers, ….this is great! Love the fact you can make private. Critical for many! For the 9th week thank you!

  8. I am on a constant hunt for a multi-media friendly applications. The application must be easy enough for proficient users and beginning users of technology. When working with Tackk the tools and features were easy to use – intuitive. The finished product was polished and complete. What a great tool! Students age 4 and up could easily use this tool with little difficulty. Given the need for “quick & easy” Tackk fits the bill!
    Thank you!

  9. I just tried TACKK: it is really easy! I can already see how I could use it to flip my class, or by asking my pupils to create a report of a project for an assessment.

    I also love the possibility of the “Invite Codes for Students under 13”: I think it’s a great idea!

    I will use this webtool for sure!

  10. I really like the ability to make it private and password protected. The many examples on how to easily use media in the classroom made me use make a blended space wall with all the ideas as a reference!


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