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Try-a-Tool-a-Week Challenge WEEK 6: Add Questions to Videos with eduCanon


WEEK 6 – eduCanon

NOTE: As of mid 2016, EduCanon has been absorbed by PlayPosit. In the meanwhile, I have been using EdPuzzle, having found it to have better functionality than EduCanone (the most important element being better feedback about how much of the video students watched and how they did with the questions). PlayPosit also absorbed the other big player in this small field … Zaption. I will be creating a 3 Minute TOOL-torial for EdPuzzle shortly. – KW 8/26/16 

EduCanon is a powerful free tool that lets you easily add questions to a video – use it to help ensure engagement with a couple of questions while consuming learning content, or build a full quiz! EduCanon also provides functionality that lets you crop videos, and group sets of edited videos into Lessons. After you invite students to watch and answer the questions, you can monitor their progress!

Here's a 3 Minute Teaching With Tech Tutorial for eduCanon:

And here is some perspective on using using eduCanon that other teachers and technologists have published:

REMEMBER, AFTER YOU TRY eduCanon, be sure to comment below and tell us about your experience (so you have a chance at winning one of our give aways at the end of the challenge)! What did you use it for? Was it easy? How did students like what you created?

About the Challenge:

The Try-a-Tool-a-Week Challenge started March 1st. Every Sunday through the end of May we're publishing a new web page with a new, awesome free tool to try. Everyone who provides their name and email address (click here to open the Challenge introduction page and SIGN UP) will get an email providing the link to the page. The goal is just to have fun and learn about these powerful free web applications for teaching and learning, and along the way you get the opportunity to win some giveaways we'll award at the end of the challenge to randomly selected participants! To have a chance a winning, just participate and share some observations about the tools you each week!

Week 1 was a blast with nearly 500 teachers signing up and dozens of great comments shared about Socrative, our Week 1 tool! Socrative is a popular Student Response System that students can use from just about any device.

For Week 2, more participants kept signing on and we checked out the free functionality of ed.ted.com! Creating a robust, interactive lesson based on any YouTube video or TED Talk, including a simple quiz, is easy-peasy with this outstanding tool from TED.

In Week 3, we got a 2-for-1 bonus, learning about LessonPaths and Blendspace, awesome free web apps that make it a snap to combine web content and your own content into a set of organized lesson content.

Our Week 4 Tool was Remind, a free one-way texting tool that teachers just love. And that “one way” thing is a bonus as far as many teachers are concerned, since they don't have to deal with replies. Think of it as the 2015 version of the take-home flyer or note (they can't reply to that either, right?). Quick, convenient, and far more likely to be paid attention to than pieces of paper or emails.

For Week 5 we checked out the online collaborative whiteboard from Twiddla. What makes Twiddle extra cool is the ease of use – you don’t need to create accounts and it’s super quick to start a new whiteboard and invite someone to edit with you! You can even pull in a web site or document and notate or mark it up together.


  1. Using eduCanon in my class was awesome. The hardest part of it was actually putting the lesson together. After that, it was easy. The students responded well to it. I used the lesson as a review of material in my US History class. The accessibility to videos is awesome, and making questions is easy. If there were a way to add free-response questions without paying for a subscription, that would add another element for me to use more of. Besides that, I will be using eduCanon extensively in my classes, instead of handouts with videos.

  2. I love this app. I use YouTube videos to teach my students frequently. I usually write questions but this will make it easier to track and keep up with work.

  3. This was such an awesome tool! When I show videos in class, I often pause the them to spark discussion. I like that students can watch individually and respond individually to questions. This will give me a better idea of which students are understanding the target concepts. It was so easy to crop and add questions. I can definitely use this tool in my classroom.

  4. Last year, I taught the use PowerPoint software to make professional slideshows. I also had to teach layout concepts and harmony of colors, but I missed class time to do it. Therefore, I used Educanon to prepare videos with questions to track performance of my students. This allowed me to spend more time to apply design theory.

    Educanon is very easy to use, easy to access, secure… I recommended it to my collegues.

  5. Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to try Educanon this week. It was the last week of class with presentations etc. I will be planning Spring/Summer soon, so hopefully will be able to try it then.

  6. Very interesting and easy to use tool. I’m not a fan of asking students to sign up for multiple services though. An integration with LMS could provide single sign on and allow results to be posted back to the LMS. Are you listening EduCanon?

  7. I have wanted to try EduCanon, so I was happy that this week’s challenge motivated me to do so! It was very easy to add a video, crop, and create questions. I did not have time to upload my students or create a class, so I loved that I could share the direct link and kids could “register” with their name and email.

    The video I tried was a tiny bit of review and a bit of extension of our lesson, and it made the perfect “outside of class” assignment. I didn’t realize the “reflective pause” type question was simply a pause (rather than a short answer) but these created great stopping points in the video. I was also pleasantly surprised by the amount of feedback I received on the students’ work. I will definitely use this resource again!

  8. A very good and versatile tool to create quizzes and tests particularly to discover where students stand regarding their knowledge. This helps to start teaching from the known to the unknown.

    I have tried it and its very easy to use. One thing I do not like with these kind of applicationa is that students have to sign up with every kind of application . When a teacher starts to use EduCanon as an example it is good to keep using it for 1 scholastic year so that it will keep the record of every task of every student. Otherwise EduCanon is awesome and helps students to learn, revise and practice.

  9. This is a great simple web tool! I easily created a short video quiz. I plan to share this new tool with my whole staff next week.

  10. This looks very promising! I have heard about this site and have started to look at how I can use it in my classroom.

  11. This is really a very, very cool apps. I apply quizzes in my anatomy class using EduCanon. My students like it very much and they told me, they learn more with the videos. Not to mention, they can do the quizzes with their iPads since we are running the 1-on-1 iPad program, they are fascinated about it. This is really a useful apps for my class. Thanks!

  12. Educanon is really easy to use: I’ve created a video in 2 minutes! There is a lot of choices of video sites. In the free version, you can add multiple questions and “check all that aplly” question. You can then share your video easily.

    It’s perfect for flipping the classroom.

    AND THE COOLEST THING FOR ME: students don’t have to create an account with an email.
    First, you can very easily create an account for them. There is a “class” code and there is no need of email.
    Second, you can public share the video. You won’t be ale to track your students progress as they don’t need a login to answer to the questions. But that is a great way if your students are not allowed to create logins or if they’re too young.
    Third, you can send your student a Quick code link. This option requires no student sign up and still tracks student performance. That is a great way if you want to use this website just some times a year with your pupils.

    You got it: I love educanon!

  13. I like the ease of pausing the video to add a question. The different questions formats also add a different dimension to the questions posted. Apps like videonotes only allow the posting of a question without the ability to sort by multiple choice, discussion, etc. as part of the choice. The bank of you tube videos makes it easy to use and share in and out of the classroom. I was impressed and intend to recommend it to others in the college of Ed.


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