10 Technologies Higher Education Should Get Ahead of (or Fall Behind)

In Today's Digital World, Industries of all Types Must Transform in Order to Thrive

I often attend CIO “summits” and similar events for IT and business leaders. A common theme at these types of conferences for the last few years has been the idea that Digital Transformation is essential for today's businesses to survive and thrive. Businesses of all types must strive to determine how digital technologies are going to transform their industries and get ahead of the curve, or they may very well go the way of Blockbuster, Borders Books, and the Blackberry.

And while many industries and organizations have fallen behind but have not yet gone out of business, a lot are being disrupted or are in decline. Consider newspapers, broadcast television, taxis, the music recording industry, and travel agents, to name just a few.

So how about Higher Education? Surely the hallowed halls and ivory towers are immune to digital disruption?


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