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The Try-a-Tool-a-Week Challenge: Week 1 – Socrative

Try a Tool a Week challenge

WEEK 1 – Socrative

Our first tool is Socrative! Socrative is a simple yet powerful Student Response System that lets students respond to ‘quick questions’ or full quizzes using smart phones, tablets, or computers. Teachers and Students love it!

Watch this 3 Minute Teaching With Tech Tutorial to get the low down on how easy it is to get started using Socrative.

When it comes to using Socrative in your classroom, you're only limited by your imagination! Since this is basically a quizzing/question/feedback tool, teachers won't need an awful lot of guidance on what to do with it once they realize how easy it is to use. Here's a few ideas nevertheless, as food for thought: Instructional Technology Specialist Bradley Lands offers 13 Ways to Use Socrative as a Formative Assessment on his blog The Landscape of Learning.

AFTER YOU TAKE SOCRATIVE FOR A SPIN … Please Drop a Comment below and share your experience! What did you use it for? Was it easy? Was it fun? Did your students like using it? 

If you're students don't have access to computers or devices where they respond in class, you can still use Socrative in various creative ways. Here's some ideas:

  • Create a poll, questions, or a quiz that students can answer at home, maybe with their parents help (if your students in elementary grades levels for example).
  • Use Socrative to ask parents a question (email them or put info about the questions on your class web page, or send home a flyer to inform them)!
  • Use Socrative to gather information or feedback from your colleagues!

And if you're already a Socrative user, that's cool (good for you!) … just go ahead and tell us a bit about how you use it (so you're in the running for our end-of-challenge give aways) and keep an eye out for the next tool in the challenge next week!

In early June, we'll award selected participants free copies of the Flipped Classroom Workshop-in-a-Book eBook, a free enrollment in the 2015 Summer 4 Week Online Flipped Class Workshop, a free Moby Max account, a free Gynzy (Smart Board Interactives) account, and other possible freebies we're working to line up! To have a chance a winning, just participate and share some observations regularly!


  1. Socrative is a great substitute for an electronic/wifi response system. You don’t need to worry about have batteries on hand! Students can use their devices so the onerous for responses is theirs. I find the data it generates useful, detailed and complete. Another aspect of the data collection is the ability to select individuals based on their responses and provide additional instruction to strengthen their comprehension of the new material. Socrative makes it easy to share the data in a spreadsheet format with colleagues and administration. The tool also provides a wonderful method for curating your quizzes, questions, tests and \”on the Fly\” assessments.

    In an era when funds and time are limited, Socrative is rich in possibilities and resources.

  2. I have been a longtime user of classroom polling. I loved the ability to gauge student understanding and also provide students with a realistic perspective of what their own understanding is….certainly don’t want to find that out at a high stakes exam.

    As I began teaching more hybrid and online more, I looked for ways to create that similar engagement with students in the virtual and mobile classroom; Socrative meets the need very well. Never heard about Kahoot or Screenface…will definitely check these out.

  3. I used it with my students right after a lesson. I gave the students questions and then we went over the answers if I had students that missed the problem. I like this but I like PearDeck better.

  4. I like using it as an exit point to check for understanding. I shared it with our librarian and he loves it! He uses daily with grades 2-5. He said that the students like the format and are eager to answer the questions now.
    It is a great tool!

  5. One of my colleagues shared Socrative last year. I tried for a semester then I discovered Kahoot. It seems my students like more Kahoot than Socrative, so I settled for Kahoot this semester. Thanks!

  6. I’ve been using Socrative ever since it was launched. My students love it when every time we use it for the real time quiz where they can see the results synchronously in the classroom. This is a very good tool to engage students and keep student focus and participative.

  7. I’m using socrative for the first time.My students thoroughly enjoyed working with this tool and I was happy to hear them asking for more assessments using Socrative.Some students are planning to use this tool for their forthcoming SLC presentation .Thanks for sharing such a wonderful,easy to use,time saving tool.

  8. I have been using Socrative for two years. If you haven’t already checked out the space race feature by all means give it a try. My students love the competition. It is especially helpful when you have limited devices. I had my students work in teams.

  9. I have several teachers on my campus that use Socrative regularly in their classroom. Our new Head of School introduced it during staff development, and several teachers really took to it. One teacher uses it as her formative assessment or exit card. Another uses it to check their learning at the end of a unit to see if they are ready to move on. She sees exactly who needs help and where they need it.

  10. I began using Socrative as soon as I saw its release a few years ago. It was an incredible simple to use online assessment tool at the time which is constantly adding cool new tools for teachers to use and students to enjoy as they are being assessed. I really like the way you can add a visual now to your test. It is really good for my visual learners and adds some dimension to my tests. My students like the Space Race so much they will actually beg me for tests so they can compete with each other and watch their rocket speed across the whiteboard. Any tool that gets students “asking” for an assessment and makes them fun to complete is a cool tech tool in my book.

  11. My colleague and I have been using Socrative several weeks now because we learned about it at a tech conference. We love it, and more importantly the students love it. We have used it for some quizzes over different short stories we have been reading, and the students love it when I enable the instant feedback feature which alerts them when they miss an answer and shows them the correct answer. My only problem with the free version is that I have to clear out my results as I go because only so many students can log in for one quiz; this also causes a problem when I have absent students because their results end up in a different document than those who took the quiz initially.

  12. I discovered Socrative last year and have been using it with my second grade students several different ways. I have found that Socrative is great for knowledge checks, polls and post-assessments. This amazing tool has allowed me to quickly check for student understanding, while pinpointing students that might need further instruction. Using the data, I can then provide remediation to students that need individualized instruction. Having the ability to measure and collect student growth in a more engaging way is a plus in my book!

  13. I was already signed up and I use Socrative often in my professional development sessions. I love it and so do my teachers. Kahoot is used when a want to have a gaming setting but for more feedback I use Socrative.

  14. I haven’t gotten a chance to use Socrative yet–extremely busy week. I am anxious to try it out and share Socrative with my teachers. Space Race looks especially intriguing.


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