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Simplify Classroom Organization (and Save Paper) With JotForm



This Easy-to-Use Form Software Makes it a Snap to go Digital with Forms!

Staying organized at school is no picnic. Paper piles, lesson plans, grade books, and untidy supply cabinets all pose threats to your zen-like classroom presence. But the savvy teacher knows to make use of technology tools to stay organized. That explains the popularity of JotForm, an easy-to-use online form building platform.

So what makes JotForm helpful? Well, imagine a world where you spend less time printing and grading assignments and quizzes, and more time actually lounging in the teacher lounge. Imagine parent/teacher meetings being handled for you by sending out a single scheduling form link. Imagine all the important information you need within a single login.

The beauty of Jotform is that it’s just so dang easy to use. Teachers can either start with one of JotForm’s templates, or build a form from scratch using a drag-and-drop form builder. Not a lick of technical expertise is required, and you get polished forms in just a matter of minutes.  Educators at all levels and subjects have already figured out that it can make classroom life easier. Oh, and it’s completely free as long as you’re collecting less than 100 form submissions over the course of any given month.

But the real benefit comes from having your collected information neatly stored online. Whether you’re using JotForm to quiz your students, collect student peer evaluations, receive assignments, or get parental permission for a field trip, JotForm stores the information neatly in the cloud and integrates with helpful tools like Google Spreadsheets.

Here are just a few of the popular ways teachers are using JotForm:

The Quiz


If only there was a way to have students take a quiz that grades itself while providing instant feedback. Darn! Unless…

Yup. Using JotForm as a quiz platform is about as time-saving as it gets. It just takes one trip to the computer lab or library and all the grading is sent directly to your account, spreadsheet, or email. Plus, saving a little paper here and there is a great way show your students how to be green.

The Permission (Un)Slip


Remember the old days of nagging students to bring in a signed paper permission slip?

JotForm takes the whole process online, allowing you to send links of the permission forms directly to the parents. This way you get to cut out the middleman, er, students, from the equation altogether, with esignature integrations that allow parents to submit their signature from anywhere. If you can send it directly to a working parent’s email while they’re at the office, it’s going to increase the likelihood it gets sent back in a prompt manner. In addition, you benefit from having all signatures and permission submissions collected in one place online, essentially crossing off who’s turned it in for you.

Student Group Project Feedback


For students, giving honest feedback about peer contributions to a group project can be a dreadful task. Even if you meet with students face-to-face individually, they might not give the feedback they would if they felt anonymous. That’s why a simple feedback form can work wonders for soliciting genuine group feedback.

Those are just a few of the ways teachers are utilizing JotForm, but everyone does it their own way. JotForm also allows teachers to design gorgeous, custom forms that match the spirit of the classroom — and I mentioned it was easy, right?

Do you have any experience using JotForm? What are some other tools you use to save time and trees? Let us know!


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