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Come Explore Free Web Apps for Interactive Classroom Collaboration (Friday July 6th at Noon EST)


A few years ago, a Gates Foundation report, Teachers Know Best: What Educators Want from Digital Instructional Tools, indicated that teachers want tools “supporting student collaboration and providing interactive experiences”. While this was a back in 2014 (hmmm … how long is that in ‘tech years'?), I suspect that interest in these types of tools has only grown.

On Friday, July 6th, at Noon EST, my friends at WizIQ will host a Webinar that I will offer, exploring a variety of tools for interactive classroom collaboration, and ways to use them in the classroom. These are tools that are mostly free (some have advanced functionality for a fee). REGISTER HERE (it's free!)

This is the first in a series of webinars we will offer on the first Friday on every other month (at the same time – Noon EST). [Note: on the alternate month, the Flipped Learning Network will offer webinars]. These are entirely free sessions that will include the opportunity for Q&A.

Here are some of the types of tools we will look at:

  • Online Interactive Digital Whiteboards
  • Collaborative Mind Mapping
  • Microblogging
  • Collaborative Document Editing
  • Use student response apps to faciliate collaboration
  • Collaborative Diagramming
  • Using Video tools to collaborate
  • … and more! 

I hope you will join us! Click here to register: 





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