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Thank You EmergingEdTech Subscribers, Readers, Viewers, and Partners


Taking a moment to say THANK YOU to everyone who has played a role in this site's ongoing success …

Today I am taking a moment to thank all our readers, viewers, and fans. Thank you as well to the many organizations and sites that republish and promote EmergingEdTech content. And thanks to the many guest post writers who have written posts here, and to our advertisers. You have all helped to make the site a wonderful success!

I formally launched EmergingEdTech in April of 2009, and in the two years since, the site has grown to a significant readership - over 20,000 visits from 17 to 18 thousand unique visitors each month, consuming over 31,000 pages of content. We've got thousands of RSS and e-mail subscribers, as well as thousands of fans, followers, and subscribers across Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. And these numbers continue to growing streadily from month to month.

Syndication Agreements
One of the things I did to help spread the word about EmergingEdTech and improve it's search engine positioning when I started was to cross post articles on other education technology web sites like Educause and Classroom 2.0, and I am so thankful that these great sites exist (there are so many excellent resources on these sites – be sure to stop by and check them out if you're not already a member!).

I have also been cross posting for years on TechnologyIntegrationInEducation, Greg Limperis's social networking site where educators and professional can learn what's happening in technology in the classroom by following the latest Ed Tech news and sharing content. I just recently started fully syndicating each week's feature post there as a Featured Blogger (thanks Greg!).

EmergingEdTech content is also syndicated on Edu1World.org, a member-only social network for, “higher education CIO’s, professionals, faculty, associations, and vendors who develop, support and work with technology solutions”.

I am also in the process of developing a syndication agreement with the folks at Learnboost, a “free all-in-one solution [that] allows teachers to manage their classroom by offering an amazing gradebook, software for managing and creating lesson plans, tracking attendance, maintaining schedules, integrating Google Apps including calendars, tagging of Common Core Standards, and so much more.”

Thanks to the owners and operators of each of these sites for partnering with me.

Of course, EmergingEdTech is also on your favorite social media sites …

If you wish to consume EmergingEdTech content on these popular social media sites, we're out on Facebook (facebook.com/EmergingEdTech), YouTube (youtube.com/user/EmergingEdTech), and Twitter (twitter.com/emergingedtech), so be sure to stop by.

Thanks again to everyone. I hope all readers and viewers feel comfortable contributing at any time – we love comments, ideas, questions, feedback, so bring it on and join the conversation.

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