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Mid Week Update!


Now that this blog has been up for a few months and readership has been growing, I've been getting more feedback (here and on related sites) about topics I am posting about. Of course, this is great, as the dialogue and sharing of knowledge and ideas is a big part of what I'm looking for! With this growing stream of feedback, it probably makes sense to do a brief “midweek update” to share observations (especially those that come to me from sources other than comments on the postings here). I'll keep them real brief – no thorough reviews, just a little info.

This week, I learned about an interesting low cost “alternative” whiteboard that piqued my interest. I have seen a number of discussions about creating an interactive whiteboard tool using a Wii Remote (you do not need the console), an IR pen you need to purchase, and some free software. The whole thing can be done for under $100 (assuming you already have a computer hooked up to a projector), and it allows you to use the pen as a point-and-click or drawing interface to the computer that has it's image projected. Anyone interested in learning more can check it out here on John Sowash's Wiki, or on this website, which includes a nice video (scroll down to the last picture on the page – this is the video) that illustrates how it works when it's put together. This is really pretty cool! Take a look.


  1. Thank you, John for making me aware of this – I really got a kick out of it once I figured out what it was. This is a neat idea, and I look forward to trying it out!


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