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Announcing EmergingEdTech’s 2011 Free Education Technology Resources eBook


Subscribe to our blog posts via email, and get this informative ebook full of free technology resources for educators as a free bonus!

After years of writing articles here, and months of selecting, compiling, editing, and formatting the selected posts, my first eBook is finally done. This 50 page booklet contains dozen of informative articles about many free web-based technologies that can help educators engage students, be more productive, and have fun in the classroom!

If you already subscribe to EmergingEdTech posts through email, I'll be sending you a link to download the book. If you don't subscribe yet, just click on the form below and sign up, and the link will be in the “Thank You” email that you will recieve after you confirm your subscription. (Of course, there's no charge for subscribing to the blog posts, or for the eBook – these are completely free!)

Thanks to all subscribers for helping to make EmergingEdTech a fun and very informative endeavor for me and for all of our readers! I hope everyone finds some great tools in this eBook, and reaches out to their colleagues and let's them know about these wonderful resources.

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  1. […] EmergingEdTECH is a site that has created a digital book with several different resources and how to integrate them into the classroom. You can sign up for the free ebook, get the RSS feeds from their Blog, follow them on Twitter or watch their ides unfold on the their utube channel. […]


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