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October is Cyber Security Month – Let’s Step Up Educators


Back in 2015, the Department of Defense here in the US declared October to be Cyber Security Awareness Month. All over the world, civilians, organizations, businesses, and municipalities are battling a barrage of digital assaults. Our data and our privacy is under attack. Educators can help students be better prepared.

Doing the Right Thing by Raising CSA Awareness

Many of our students have lived their whole lives in this digital world. Yet that does not necessarily make them well prepared and informed when it comes to protecting their data. Those of us working in the schools they attend have a great opportunity to help students (and ourselves) be more up to speed on how to protect ourselves. Many of us also have an obligation to do so depending on how regulations impact or roles and where we work.

One other vital element of cyber security awareness and safety in schools is that (as Walter Trout declared his 2017 album of the same title!): we're all in this together. When we protect ourselves and help students learn what not to do, we help protect the data and privacy of everyone who uses the same network we use. When that network gets compromised, all of our data and accounts can become vulnerable.

Resources for Learning More and Sharing With Your Students

We've written and published quite a few posts about this over the years, and recorded a great webinar last year.

These resources provide tips, raise awareness, and equip students and educators alike with more knowledge and tools to protect ourselves.

Let's be safe out there.



  1. Mr.Walsh, I completely agree with you. I believe that students have been surrounded by technology and the web their whole life. But even though they have been around it, it doesn’t mean that they actually know how to use it safely. It is up to us educators and parents to teach students how to use the web and technology safely. #GEN2108


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