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The Darker Side of Digital: How our Accounts, our Time, and our Free Will Are Being Hacked


Recorded webinar explores the many ways that we and our students are being hacked, manipulated, and addicted.

This past Friday, I partnered with WizIQ to deliver a webinar exploring the darker side of our digital addiction. While I am an advocate of the amazing potential of many of today's digital technologies, I also strive for a balanced perspective and work to open others' eyes to the downsides of technology misuses.

The webinar was recorded and is available for watching here:

Cyber-Savvy: Keeping Our Students, Our Data, and Our Well-Being Safe in this Digital World: http://webinars.wiziqxt.com/online-class/421279

With the ever-expanding proliferation of digital devices and content, it has never been more important for us to understand how to protect our privacy and our identities while also not surrending so much of our time and our thinking to the influence of the digital world. Our students are growing up in a digitally-drenched rat race and many of them seem far too comfortable giving up their privacy and succumbing to the enticement of digital media and apps. We need to raise their awareness of how they are being sought out by cyber criminals and manipulated by technology purveyors.

Watch the webinar and learn more about:

  • The number one cause of successful account hacks
  • One of the most overlooked methods to keep your information and your devices secure
  • The psychological tricks that some app vendors use to keep us connected
  • The impact of lost sleep, FOMO, and concerns about online social acceptance
  • How some technology companies are “helping us” by removing our choices

Sadly, participation in the session was very low (as opposed to July's webinar, for example, which bought in over 100 participants). Of course, school just started and this was a Friday at Noon EST, so the timing may not be great. I just hope it isn't disinterest. We still have so far to go as educators to embrace awareness of these ‘digital dangers' and provide more leadership in helping our students understand what we are up against as we continue to explore the many positive aspects of digital technologies.


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