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Exploring “Digital Wellness” for our Students (and Ourselves)


I like the idea of striving for “Digital Wellness”, but I hope it isn't just used as another guise for the big data players to hide behind while they cull our data and further invade our daily lives…

While working on some cybersecurity awareness and digital “well being” content for the students here at The College of Westchester, I googled the term “digital wellness” out of curiosity. Was this a phrase I had just dreamed up or was it a real term being used out there? Turns out this term is being used, and the big players all have something to add to the conversation.

I was glad to see that some schools and organizations are putting together programs, documents, or research focused on this challenging issue.

Unfortunately, some of the stuff I found (which I did not share) raises questions about the intent of big players like Google, Apple, and Facebook when they try to help us with digital wellness resources. Overall, I think it is still better to have them at least recognizing this need than ignoring it.

Here are some of the more interesting resources I came across:

So what is your institution doing to promote digital wellness? And what do you think about this concept? 




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