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Education Technology – Don’t Lean On It, Leverage It (Repost)


Forgive me for repeating myself, but I feel a certain passion for this recent post, and I don't think it got a fair deal, being posted on a holiday (Labor Day), and at the beginning of a week where many of us were swamped with the start of a new school year. For this week's “midweek update” I am promoting my post “Education Technology – Don't Lean It, Leverage It!” from earlier this month. Please click through and give the first paragraph or two a quick read – I hope this will interest you enough to read further, and to also pass it on to a colleague if you think it can make an impact and encourage someone to give education technology a fair shake in the classroom. Thanks!

“Are you using Internet tools to engage students in the classroom and improve learning outcomes, or are you just using technology to decrease the time you spend lecturing and interacting with your students? Click here to read on …


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