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How to White Label Your WizIQ Academy


I'm very grateful to the great team at WizIQ for writing these pieces they've shared this year in a series of posts about how to many ways to leverage their powerful platform, and for an exciting new opportunity they have offered me … starting in July, I will be doing a bi-monthly series of Webinars with them, on the first Friday of alternating months! These sessions will cover a wide array of edtech topics, and will take place at Noon EST. On the alternate months, the Flipped Learning Network will conduct a webinar. We hope you can join us from time to time (the webinars will be recorded as well, so as long as you sign up, you'll get the link sent to you afterwards). More to follow soon! – KW

If you have had the experience of using cloud-based LMSs or other education technology products, you would know the pain of not having sufficient white-labeling options. With the rise of cloud-based and browser-based online learning solution, the focus is on rapid, easy and low-touch user onboarding. Which means, as soon as an administrator (typically an education service provider (ESP)) creates an account, the initial setup to get the user started should either be automated or made easily configurable in the solution. Typically the setup allows the following:

  1. Automate the creation of a unique URL on which the ESP will open the academy and invite students
  2. Provide easy course, live class, open library, and test creation options
  3. Allow mobile access to the learners
  4. Make the portal look unique – Integrate the theme that ESP wants to apply which typically is known as white-labeling

Along with the list mentioned above, there are several other setup activities, but this list gives enough insight into the Do-It-Yourself nature of the modern cloud-based platforms. Among all the setup activities, white-labeling takes the pole position.

Why? Let’s zoom our lens on some of the major brands to understand it.

What color and image come to mind when you hear:

  1. Adidas: Black, logo made of solid bold lines
  2. Facebook: Blue, and the logo with an ‘f’ placed in a blue box
  3. Walmart: Some yellow spokes
  4. Microsoft: 4 color boxes placed in a square

Now let’s reverse the same. What would you think if you saw:

  1. A silver partially bitten apple?

Of course, you would say, its Apple! World’s most valuable brand.

  1. What about, a big, curvy and yellow colored ‘M’ with a joker by its side.

Too easy, yeah! Its McDonald’s.

There is a strong positive correlation between brand elements and brand recall.

However, to make your audience see a consistent brand element and theme across all your properties such as websites, study materials, videos, marketing materials, etc. you need to develop them in-house.

You would say: rest is fine, but how would I build a specialized learning portal in-house?

Well, you need not. WizIQ is one of the very few Virtual Classroom and LMS software providers which offers extensive white-labeling options, including a completely white-labeled mobile application. You could configure your theme colors in the academy portal, update the business logo, update academy banners and several other things. In the next section, let’s take a closer look at how this is done in a typical academy running on WizIQ.

Let’s assume you, a tutorial academy owner, have just discovered the WizIQ Virtual Classroom and LMS software. You’ve explored its features such as the virtual classroom, LMS, courses and quiz options, etc.. Next you want to get hands-on with configuring the brand.

As you log into the platform, the courses landing page shows the Active, Past and Draft courses on the academy. Upon clicking the Menu icon, (top left-hand side of the screen) beside the academy logo, you are given options such as Library, Courses, Tests, Live Classes, Academy Settings, and Reports.

On clicking academy settings, you see several options such as general settings, user management, roles, etc. The area of interest for us, related to this topic is General Settings. On clicking general settings, you see the following:

You can start configuring the following items here:

  • Color Theme: Change the color theme of the Academy according to your brand colors
  • Academy Logo: Upload to the academy your brand’s logo. Do note the logo size and specifications on the right-hand side of the
  • Academy Favicon: Upload a favicon for your academy from this option. Favicon show up in the browser tab when a user visits the academy URL
  • Academy Banner: An academy banner makes the landing page exciting, and gives meaning to the subject you are going to teach via the academy. For example, an academy for physics could use an image of Einstein, or an image of the solar system.
  • Academy Heading: A headline will set you apart from your competitors, showcasing what you have to offer to your learner
  • Academy Tagline: A tagline adds more meaning to the headline.
  • About Academy: Write more about when your academy was established, how it has grown etc. in this section.

A host of other white-labeling options can be configured in a day with the help of WizIQ support.

  • Vanity URL: WizIQ support team helps academy owners to configure their URL instead of the URL generated by WizIQ software. Business owners have the freedom to change generic WizIQ URLs such as learnenglish.wiziqxt.com to specific brand URLs www.learnenglish.com
  • Custom Email Notification Template: Ensures that your email communications are in-line with what you communicate via your other channels.
  • Page Styling: Make your academy pages look exactly the way you want by changing the stylesheets with the help of WizIQ support.
  • Custom Certificate: Not happy with the default course completion certificate? Design your own, and we will ensure that it gets updated in your courses.
  • Payment Gateways: WizIQ eCommerce feature allows integrating your payment gateway. All you need to do is connect with the support team at WizIQ.

Brand your WizIQ Mobile Application

WizIQ mobile application is probably the only learning application which allows customization and branding to an extent where your academy mobile application can be generated and uploaded to Android and iOS in 2 days’ time.

Gone are the days when education service providers had to do with a common learning app. Think of ESP 1 using a WizIQ app named “Learn English App” and ESP 2 using a WizIQ app named “Physics World App” placed on both Android and iOS. Such is the power of WizIQ custom mobile application.

For branding the WizIQ LMS Mobile Application, a request has to be raised with the support team at WizIQ and they will

  • Design the WizIQ app according to your brand color theme
  • Get the logo of your academy updated on the mobile app
  • Help you with a splash screen, your brand logo as the app icon

Through the mobile application, learners will be able to access the online course they have signed up for and also be able to access the virtual classroom on-the-go. Get in touch with our customer support team at support@wiziq.com for any query on white-labeling.

Brand elements are the building block of any business specifically from the marketing lens. Therefore, a serious consideration on how to integrate the elements must be made before moving ahead with any solution, including your learning portal.




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