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4 Exciting Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance Teaching and Learning


Artificial Intelligence Software is Evolving at a Rapid Pace and the Possibilities for Education are Fascinating.

Education has come a long way. From the use of chalkboards to overhead projectors to iPads, we’ve seen technology transforming nearly every facet of education.

However, the best transformation is yet to come.

Artificial intelligence (AI), which is a powerful technology that empowers computers to complete actions on their own, and it has the potential to take the modern education system to the next level.

AI technology is presently showing signs of how it could transform our world, including the education system, which is key for driving innovation and growth.

Let’s talk about the ways artificial intelligence and its derivatives are promising to revolutionize learning.

1. AI can encourage personalized learning

According to a recent study, students in an individualized learning environment excelled by about three percentile points more than a group of similar students without the same learning conditions.

Personalized learning has a lot of potential for assisting students in grasping concepts faster and succeeding in their studies.

However, in the traditional classrooms model, a one-size-fits-all learning approach is usually enforced. Since students are different and digest information differently, this often results in missed learning opportunities.

This is the problem that AI is best placed to solve. With the amazing technology, students can be presented with context-related and customized information that suits their needs—just like Amazon uses AI tools to provide shopping recommendations based on users’ interests and preferences.

When education is personalized and based on preferences and interests, students will grasp concepts faster—while enjoying the process.

(ED note: Readers might want to explore this recent piece I wrote for University Business about the current state of AI in support of Personalized Learning – KW).

2. AI can make educators more effective

It was reported that a university professor built an AI teaching assistant to help with responding to students’ issues. While the teaching robot answered the routine questions, the professor maximized his time in solving the more complex issues from students.

In the traditional education system, teachers are clogged with all manner of activities—from having to answer students’ questions to marking their assignments to giving grading scores, something which reduces their effectiveness.

If artificial intelligence in learning environments is adopted, educators will be more effective. This technology has the potential to liberate educators from the tedious activities that have been plaguing the profession.

Ultimately, teachers will spend more time assisting students to achieve their learning outcomes.

3. AI can identify students’ strengths and weaknesses

According to another recent study, identifying students’ strengths and weaknesses can empower them to succeed in their learning pursuits. If the abilities and preferences of students are not known, especially concerning learning styles, the education goals may not be achieved.

However, the present education system lacks comprehensive techniques for figuring out the skills and weaknesses of students. In situations when the learning abilities are not identified, it can result in confusion, demotivation, and disinterest in learning.

Teachers are usually unable to recognize these situations and address them appropriately. Artificial intelligence learning techniques can study data and identify patterns that demonstrate students’ weaknesses or strengths.

For example, when a student repeatedly submits incorrect and irrelevant answers to the same problem, the intelligent systems can notice the pattern and inform the educators quickly about the student’s weakness.

4. AI can enhance learners’ engagement

Boredom is a grave issue in classrooms and other learning environments. In fact, a study revealed that 59.0% of university students experience boredom while in class. Consequently, the lack of concentration often leads to poor academic performance.

Therefore, there is need to address the harmful consequences of this significant and extensive academic emotion—and AI learning techniques are proving to be of help.

One of the main causes of lack of engagement in traditional schooling systems is adhering to a strict and inflexible teaching curriculum. As such, collecting continuous feedback on the quality of the learning content is impractical and complicated.

However, with artificial intelligence and learning tools, educators can modify the content of the lessons in real time, which enhances engagement and reduces boredom.

AI will allow teachers to infuse their materials with the most innovative and up-to-date content which resonates with the students’ needs—all without reinventing the wheel.


Thomas Edison, a renowned American inventor, said, “Scholars will soon be instructed through the eye.” Was he envisioning the capability of artificial intelligence technologies to revolutionize the education system?

Only time will tell how effecitvely AI impacts education, but the potential is tremendous.


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  1. Artificial Intelligence is going to change the world in a way none of us can imagine. It will replace humans in all less or unproductive fields & massive manpower will be available to utilize themselves more productively.

  2. It will be extremely interesting to see how AI can influence teaching and learning. Schools will likely to incorporate AI into their curriculum within the next 5 years.

  3. Mixing online tutoring with powerful machine learning has the potential to tailor specific learning solutions to individual students to help them learn in the most effective way possible.


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