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E-Portfolios are the cover story for Campus Technology for November


This powerful enabler of career success is the topic-du-jour for this leading Ed Tech organization too.

I was delighted to discover that Electronic Portfolios are the cover story in this month's issue of Campus Technology magazine. I did a three part series on this topic here in October, so it was real exciting to see this topic as a focal point for this influential, respected leader in the education technology field.

The thorough and informative Campus Technology article includes a number of observations and quotations from Dr. Helen Barrett. I was pleased to see these references, as they confimed my own conclusion that Dr. Barrett's work is an excellent resource on this topic (her expertise certainly helped me reach important conclusions quickly). This article is more in depth that my series of posts  – I focused on keeping things simple and in the control of the student by utilizing Google Sites for e-portfolios.

For those who might be interested, I created this PDF file that combines all three of the articles in the series, providing an easy way to print or electronically distribute a nice clean copy of this topic overview.

Be sure to stop back early next week, as we continue our introduction to Interactive Whiteboards in the classroom!


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