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Exploring the Emerging use of Augmented Reality in our Classrooms: A Live Shindig Event, Friday 12/8/17


Come Join the Conversation!

We've been exploring how emerging technologies are impacting instruction across all grades and subject areas here on EmergingEdTech.com since 2009. New Augmented Reality applications are being published every day, making this an exciting and affordable technology that is making its way into our schools and classrooms.

Join me as I talk with industry experts about their insights into how they see these types of products making a difference in education. Be a part of the conversation on the fun, interactive Shindig platform, where you can ask questions and even come “up on stage” to participate in the dialogue!

I will be joined by Luis Chavez, Hisham Hosni, Ben Fineman, and others, as we explore augmented reality in the instructional environment.

REGISTER HERE (it's free 🙂 )

By the way, this is a totally free event.

Luis Chavez is Community Manager & Creative Producer for GoMeta, Inc. out of Los Angeles, CA. GoMeta makes it quick and easy for educators, students, etc., to create their own Augmented Reality applications with their Metaverse platform.

Hisham Hosni is Co-founder & Marketing Manager at LIVIT Studios, a company specializing in the development of Augmented and Virtual Reality applications for educational. Livit is based in Eqypt, they were founded in 2015, and they are driven by their love of new technology and their belief in the vital importance of education.

Benjamin Fineman is the Program Manager for NET+ Video, Voice, & Collaboration Services for Internet2. An industry veteran, he is a respected topic expert with featured speaking engagements at various national and international academic conferences. Ben pays close attention to developments in AR, VR, and mixed reality (I ran into him at UB Tech 2016, where he delivered a great VR presentation).




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