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3 Posts That I Hope You Didn’t Miss Over The Summer


Keeping student skills sharp over the summer

We all need some down time. Hopefully you got some this summer! Here are a few things I wanted to share with you.

I know the summer months can provide a much needed respite to many educators. Readership here on the site falls off a bit. Nevertheless, I still keep writing and often find at the end of the summer that some of the pieces that I put the most thought and heart into may have slipped by those who chose to chill.

I pour a little of my heart and soul into of these pieces, they're my babies, and I'd love an opportunity to share them with you.

This first post was an opportunity to reflect on a great conference (FlipTech EastCoast 2018) and the motivation I got from passionate educators, colleagues, and friends. 

Good Teaching Isn't Content Delivery & Learning Isn't Passing Tests

Next, I'd been wanting to research and write this post for a long time. Why aren't we focusing more on the learning science that can help make edtech apps more useful, and help us hold edtech vendors more accountable?

8+ Science-Backed Learning Techniques Effective EdTech Products Should Strive to Incorporate

And finally, another one of things we ought to making sure students are aware of, but when the last time you heard a teacher talk about confirmation bias?

Want to Help Change the World One Student at a Time? Teach Them About Confirmation Bias




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