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Higher Ed Survey on BYOD, 1-to-1, VDI and Student Computing (Using or Planning to use)


BYOD 1-to-1 VDI Higher Education

Survey looks to gather insights, trends regarding BYOD and 1-to-1 Device Programs for Students in Higher Education, as well as the Growth of VDI and DaaS to Support Those Approaches.


We're working through a new multi-year Strategic Technology Planning process at The College of Westchester and we're thinking about BYOD versus 1-to-1 device programs for our students (as are many institutions, based on a read through published plans that other institutions have published on line).

One aspect of this planning effort that has raised difficult-to-answer questions has been the fact that we are a commuter-only school, and there is a strong desire to understand the differences in trending and approaches with student BYOD or 1-to-1 device programs on residential colleges and universities versus commuter campuses like ours. It has not been easy to find good sources of information differentiating BYOD and 1-to-1 trends and practices based on whether a school has primarily residential or commuter students, or a mix of both.

Another technological consideration we are weighing is the use of VDI (Virtual Desktop) or DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) as a means of enabling access to student computing resources on their devices. This is even harder to find good trending and best practices information about, since VDI is still a maturing technology and it would seem that not many schools have begun to leverage this technology in this way.

The dearth of information has led me create a survey and hope I could get a few dozens takers to provide some feedback! I will share survey results with anyone who completes the survey (and provides contact info.), so there is an incentive to complete the survey. Most of the questions are yes/no or multiple choice, so it is not a very lengthy.

If you presently have, or are considering, implementing a BYOD or I-to-1 Program in your College or University, we'd sure appreciate you're taking a few minutes to share some insights! (And if you're not the right person to provide that info., I hope you'll be so kind as to pass this on to that person!).


Thanks in advance to everyone who chooses to help provide some input!


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