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How Your Students can Know WHAT’S DUE



Free App Makes it a Snap to Keep Students, Parents, up to Date on … What's Due!

This is a great free app, although be forewarned that your colleagues might get a little frustrated when your students start asking them, “Why don't you use the WhatsDueApp too?”!

The process for the teacher is a snap – just go to whatsdueapp.com) click on the  Teacher Sign Up Button and sign up. Then enter assignments, tests, etc., … anything that has a due date that you want your students to be aware of. It literally took me less than 3 minutes to sign up and enter a couple activities. Here's the screen you do it on … super simple to use:


The students just download the free app (available in the Apple Store and on Google Play) and enter a code for your course (this is a short code you will see in the web interface) and BAM!, they see what's due and when in a simple easy to read display. Totally straightforward, highly functional, and 100% free.

I asked the folks who make WhatsDueApp if they had some examples of Student and Teacher testimonials I could share and they provided these:

Teacher Testimonials:

“WhatsDue has significantly decreased the number of times I am asked in class about the next quiz, the next paper, or the next exam. While students don't carry their syllabi around or always have easy access to it, WhatsDue gives them access where they already have it: on their smartphones.”
– A professor from University of Nebraska

“I have grade 5’s who are just learning how to manage time and use day planners, and WhatsDue is a great way for them to communicate information to their parents as well as learn to manage due dates themselves.”
– Kate

Student Testimonial:

“The hardest part of any job is staying on track of multiple assignments with different priority levels. School has this distinctive challenge – every course has different due dates for a range of assignments. WhatsDue is the reason that I have succeeded. I know which assignment is due, when it is due, and can then prioritize my time allocation.

WhatsDue allows me to focus on my education without worrying about my scholastic calendar. WhatsDue’s slogan should be anywhere between “taking school by the horns” and “school – the organized way”.

I am happy to be a WhatsDue user.”
– Kyle

So what are you waiting for? Go check out WhatsDueApp!


  1. I agree with the comments above. WhatsDue is a gamechanger in the K-12 classroom and we can’t believe it is a free app.

    We will be doing an entire school district roll out in June.

  2. I use WhatsDue app for a second semester.
    As a lecturer WhatsDue helps me to communicate with my students in two different levels:
    A. It is a a modern (not to say “sexy”) way, that suits my line of courses (entrepreneurship).
    B. The current communication system (Moodle, Highlearn) are a bit bulky and harder to use. In example, they are web oriented (doesn’t have a mobile app) and the mobile browsers not always function well on them – hence, WhatsDue helps me to get in touch with my students easier, and the students can get a real time update (for example changes in class location, or meeting hours).

    I hope it will get to other academic institutes i’m involved at 🙂

  3. This is such a great app! My students now cannot complain they were misinformed about the various due dates.


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