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Grammarly – Automated Proof Reading with Proven Results



Helping Students and Teachers Improve Student Writing Skills with Instant Feedback

Grammarly is a powerful tool for teachers, students, and all types of writers. The Grammarly editor is an automated proofreader that corrects spelling mistakes and checks for more than 250 common grammar errors, finding up to 10 times more errors than your word processor!

Grammarly offers a quick and simple way to assess the quality and authenticity of students' writing. Because teachers are able to quickly correct writing errors in a student's homework, they can provide more personalized feedback to students based on content.

Grammarly provides students with specific and actionable feedback on their spelling and mistakes — helping to break bad writing habits. In fact, the Grammarly Chrome browser extension, launched in January, even highlights writing mistakes in students' emails, Facebook messages, and in other places they are writing online!

Students love using the platform. Grammarly conducted a survey on 392 college and university students. The data report showed that:

  • 70% of students felt an increase in writing confidence
  • 93% of students felt they saved time
  • 39% of students reported an increase in by a full grade or more
  • 99% of students reported improved writing grades

Let's explore some specific use cases from schools that have documented success with the platform:

Peru State College Improves CAAP Scores

By enhancing the curriculum with Grammarly’s automated proofreader and other instructional changes, Peru State College in Nebraska has seen significant improvement in senior writing scores on the Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency. In 2011 and 2012 senior scores were above the national average, a testament to the campus-wide effort to improve student writing via resources like Grammarly.

“Peru State College has seen significant improvement in writing, and Grammarly has been an important factor in that improvement,” said Dr. Waln. “We believe that it is a great tool to help students learn to write better.”

The Collaborative College for Technology and Leadership

Heather Forbis teaches English at The Collaborative College for Technology and Leadership, a 9-12 School in North Carolina, where she prepares students to enter the workforce by improving their writing skills. Heather asks students to run all documents through Grammarly and then shares Grammarly’s personalized feedback with each student.

Grammarly saves Heather around 16 hours grading each writing assignment, and frees her to focus on high-level feedback. Said Heather, “As a teacher, I can be sure that my students are using Grammarly as a spelling and grammar resource, while I work with them on the equally important concepts of content and style.”

Charter College

Plagiarism is a big problem at many universities including Charter College, a private institution with campuses in Alaska, Washington, and California. Ailya Rose Reno, the college’s corporate librarian, encourages the use of Grammarly's automated proofreader to help reduce plagiarism among students.

“Instructors may not have the tools necessary to catch plagiarism, so they require that student writers have their APA formatting reviewed by library staff before turning in their papers,” said Ailya. “We’ve seen papers with excellent in-text citations quoting unrelated sources. By running each paper through the Grammarly proofreader, we can quickly determine whether a student’s sources were copied and pasted into a patch paper from websites that are not listed on their References page.”

Pricing Plans (Try it Now for Free)

Grammarly has monthly, quarterly, and annual subscription plans, and bulk subscriptions for K-12 and Higher Ed. The most affordable individual plan is the annual one at $139.95/year. But you can use it online for free right now! Go to Grammarly and submit a file – you'll just have to create an account, and it will critique your file. Check it out for yourself!



  1. I have used grammarly a few times. I like the ease and use of it. I recommend to students frequently.


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