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Moby Max Makes Individualized, Adaptive Learning a Reality for Grades K-8



This Differentiated Curriculum Tool is a Powerful Addition to the Classroom!

There’s been a lot of talk about personalized and individualized learning over the last few years, especially as technology has helped make this long-sought goal a potential reality. Of course, knowing that it’s possible is one thing … knowing exactly how to get there is another.

And what about Adaptive Learning? This has been another popular buzzword in academic circles over the last few years. The widely respected Horizon Report has repeatedly indicated that Adaptive Learning is in education’s near term future. In fact, the 2015 Higher Ed Horizon report mentions, “the relatively recent emergence of sophisticated adaptive learning software and platforms.” Sounds good, but how can teachers implement these Active Learning platforms in their classrooms without an overwhelming amount of work?

Well, here’s the answer to both of these questions if you teach in K-8: Moby Max! Moby Max is a proven, adaptive learning toolset with a broad, differentiated curriculum for K-8 Students. And it is very affordable at just $99 for a year for an individual teacher!

About two years ago, I learned about Moby Max and shared it with readers in this article. It’s been a popular post ever since, bringing in over 30,000 views since it was published. That’s no surprise given the powerful functionality it offers.

Taking Moby Max for a Test Drive

I was both fascinated and impressed with Moby Max’s stated capabilities, so I decided to take it for trial run (and the good folks at Moby Max were kind enough to provide me a free account to do so – thanks Moby Max!). They’ve also offered a free account to a selected EmergingEdTech reader (more on that shortly)!

Getting started with Moby Max was easy. After logging in, you get prompted in a step-by-step manner. There’s also a short 5 minute video tutorial to help you with getting started, a half-hour minute Advanced Tutorial for deeper exploration, and plenty of other help resources.

The first thing you do in Moby Max is build out your student roster (this can be done manually, or they can easily be imported in batch with a spreadsheet). After populating your student roster and indicating their grade level, you'll want students to sign in and take tests that help to place them in terms of their abilities.

“Once your students sign in, they will automatically start an adaptive placement test by clicking on a subject. Each placement test will take roughly 30 minutes to complete and will identify the Common Core State Standards students have missed.”

As students work on assessments you can use the Moby Max dashboard to gauge their progress. After students complete the placement tests their overall grade level score is available, as is a more detailed breakdown of proficiency by grade level, domain and standard (aligned to Common Core state standards).



Using this information, Moby Max automatically assigns applicable, individualized lessons to help address missing or limited skills. And these lessons are much more than “drill and fill” lessons, they get far more advanced. Moby Max enables a powerful cycle of identifying proficiencies and skills that need work, helping students work on those skills, reassessment, etc., continuously building on student learning and development of proficiencies.

Another great thing about Moby Max is that you don't have to configure practically anything, but you can make lots of changes to suit your requirements and approach if you want to. You can create your own lessons, students can be reassessed as needed, and so much more.

The rich functionality of Moby Max is truly impressive. No wonder Toni Sweet of Mountain View Elementary wrote this testimonial:

“My students love MobyMax. We just finished NWEA testing and ALL my students had great growth! I love the way Moby remediates my low kids but also challenges my high kids. My students like the immediate feedback they get and are excited when they move up a level! They are very motivated to work on their assignments.”

Anyone can try Moby Max for free. Then unlock it's full potential for only $99 per year (for one teacher).




  1. I’m a “new to homeschooling” mom of a soon to be 4th grader. To say this last year has been challenging, is definitely putting it mildly. We have switched curriculums mid-year, but to no avail. I’m not certain who whined more to be honest. Thank goodness a friend suggested Moby Max. She’s a former teacher who uses it to homeschool her children. It is like nothing we’ve used thus far. She loves being “in control” of her learning and really enjoys the fun way she learns and earns (badges, game time). This is a real keeper!

  2. As a Math Interventionist, to find a program that offers adaptability, differentiation, awesome reporting and motivational components might be just the all-inclusive tool I have sought for so long. I wish, as a teacher, I could access the program as a student just to see what my students will see before I get them involved in the program.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS to Gabriel Velazquez for winning a free one year license for Moby Max! And thanks again to the awesome folks at Moby Max for partnering with me to offer this opportunity!

  4. I read about Moby Max on a teacher blog and was intrigued I’ve entered my student s into the system and we are gearing up to submerge into the deep learning ocean. I took it for spin and was impressed with activities and ease of operation. I love the parent reports. Sadly I will have to wait until next school year to use my teacher budget — I only have $16 left in my school account. I will be using the free access which I’m grateful for. Thanks in advance for valuable learning!

  5. I saw this product on a teaching blog and really wanted to buy the one year license, but I have already used all of my kindergarten budget this year. I can see how this would help raise test scores and support me in my classroom! Parents ask me for what they can do at home all the time! I can put it on my ipads in my classroom too. Exciting! I would love to win a license. 🙂

  6. A fellow teacher recently mentioned at our grade level leadership meeting the promising potential of moby max. I saw this article on my feedly rss news reader, and decided to take a look. As a tech-savvy teacher, admin designee, and MAED Educational Technology student, I’d like to get a free license and take my classroom full speed ahead with moby max. If results warrant, I’d make the case to convince my principal and staff to purchase moby max as a replacement to our other web-based programs.

  7. Finding that digital tools are awesome at providing basic practicing and exposure skills. Just found mobymax today and excited to try tomorrow. Great that it’s free and provide awesome tools for ELA Math, and excited to Science soon.

  8. I love Moby! I’ve used it for a couple of years and my students enjoy using the program at school and at home.

  9. What a great way to allow students to thrive and grow at their own rate. This is truly an individualize program that differentiates to meet the needs of each student. With Moby Max, students develop and blossom in ways that aren’t possible in a one size fits all environment. Teachers are bound to see positive growth in their students with Moby Max. It’s like having an individual teacher for every student in the room.

  10. The management piece for rosters and assignments is streamlined. I especially like the progress dashboard for each subject/student.

  11. So exciting to see software that moulds around the child to help them learn, instead of the child having to adjust to suit the software.
    I am in Ireland, where new technological advances such as Moby Max will be unknown in most classrooms! Would love to get the licence so that I could put my pupils right at the front of this new learning pedagogy.
    Excited to learn more.

  12. Is it effective for students who are in the special-education stream, and does it have Canadian content?

  13. I am a District Instructional Leader and my elementary school teachers have used MobyMax this whole school year and love it! The students are engaged in learning the skill sneeded at each grade level. Parents enjoy the ability for students to use the program at home and via personal devices. The success our school has seen with the reading, math, and writing makes me eager to try out the new Science content.

  14. Have been using MobyMax in my classroom since it first came out. As a teacher it is a necessary part of my teaching and my students love it so much they practice math and reading on it at home after they leave school. It is an incredible learning and remediation tool that I can’t say enough about ! My district has a full license so that every teacher and student have access to this incredible product.

  15. I’ve used MobyMax for over a year with 2nd graders and they love it! This year we have had a new competition each month and the top 5 point earners are rewarded with pictures on our website.

  16. I’d love to win a complete license. This is the program I’ve been waiting for. I can’t wait to explore all Moby Max has to offer. It will truly simplify my work as a teacher as well as enhance and complete it.

  17. Both of my daughters have used Moby Max in school. Not only does it help them improve, but they love it!


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