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Polldaddy and other polling and survey tools


I've been using Polldaddy to integrate brief polls into this blog, and some other free tools for similar purposes.

I just added a new Poll on the site here, to get a sense of what types of posts are favored by readers (this has long since been taken down – KW 9/8/12). I've had a few other polls here, and have been using Polldaddy to create the polls and embed them on the site here. This functionality is free from Polldaddy.

Polldaddy also works for creating stand-alone web based surveys. They offer limited functionality for free, and have paid plans providing more extensive functionality. I thought it was worth mentioning here, along with some other free tools I've used for similar purposes.

I am a big a fan of SurveyMonkey – I use it frequently to create top-notch web based surveys for free (I just realized I've never posted about this great tool! I've now added it to my list of future topics). I have also found Doodle to be great for simple polls, especially as a tool for scheduling training sessions (see this post for more on that).

If anyone has any feedback or comments on PollDaddy or any other free polling and survey tools, please drop a comment and share! Thanks.

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  1. […] 7. Student Response Systems & Poll/Survey Tools – Student Response Systems, or “clicker” technology is gaining a lot of traction in educational institutions. One winner of last year’s EmergingEdTech contest focused on uses of technology in the classroom demonstrated clear learning outcome improvements while engaging students with this interactive education technology. One the most common uses for clickers is poll taking, which can also be done using a computer or smart phone, utilizing any of the dozens of tools out on the web that do this, like Doodle or Polldaddy. […]

  2. Thanks for these insights Derrick – I didn’t realize Google Docs forms could work in this way. I’ll have to try it out. Polleverywhere.com sounds great too. I love this kind of informative feedback! Thanks again.

  3. I’ve been using Google Docs forms for classroom and teacher surveys for quite some time now. Having the results published straight into a Google Docs spreadsheet makes it super easy.

    I’ve recently become a fan of polleverywhere.com, a service that’s free for teachers and allows you to create text message polls and see results in real time. It’s great to bring up on the projector and allow students to see how their votes are counted. It’s also an easy and fun way to integrate cellphones into the classroom!


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