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Faculte.com – create interactive video presentations & lessons


When I first heard of Faculte.com, I thought “faculty”, as I imagine you may be thinking now as you read this. Turns out Faculte.com is an online tool for creating interactive video presentations.

Using Faculte.com, one “producer” can create a presentation that can be viewed by up to 200 viewers (more or less) for free. Doing more with the tool than that requires signing up for a paid plan. Looks like an interesting approach to creating and delivering instructional materials. Click the “Watch Demo” button here to view a demonstration.

This company is relatively new, so I don't know if many readers will have used their product. If anyone has any experience with it, please comment and let us know about it. There are so many options available today to do this sort of thing, but many of those that I know of do not seem quite as flexible as Faculte. If anyone cares to recommend other tools that provide a comparable level of functionality, we'd love to hear about it.




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