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February’s Selected Innovative Learning and Education Technology Videos


Informative Videos From and About Excellent and Innovative Educators!



Remake Your Class: Planning for a Collaborative Learning Environment

Edutopia follows a determined teacher at Roosevelt Middle School in San Francisco as he transforms his crowded classroom space to enable deeper learning.

Collaboration Strategies in the Classroom

“This video explores the concept of collaboration, both ideologically and strategically. It provides some observations of the way a teacher may integrate collaboration into the classroom.” “The new 21st Century set of Literacies … and it looks a lot different than the model that most of us were raised on”.

Why use Active Learning?

In this brief but informative video, University of Michigan Professor Noel Perkins makes a quick for effective case for transitioning to Active Learning. He makes the statement, “now … I teach more and lecture less”, and I think that says it all!

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Flipped my Class

In this video, John Sowash, who has been writing and sharing his flipped classroom experiences for years, discusses the five things he wishes someone had told him before he flipped his class. Very helpful insights for those just getting started with flipped teaching and learning.

Whole Brain Teaching

This is fun to watch – what teacher doesn't enjoy seeing young students fully engaged in their learning! The big question for me is how to adopt these techniques to older students. Group activities certainly lend themselves to that, but the idea of incorporating more movement into the learning process would generally come across as rather odd and perhaps immature, but the reality of it is that it helps us learn!




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