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March’s Most Appreciated Instructional Technology and Education Videos



This is the 4th installment in this new monthly article series, where I share a handful on videos about education and instructional technology that I came across this month and felt were really interesting or informative and therefore worth highlighting in this way.

I would love to hear your perspective on these videos – are you enjoying them as much as I did, are they worth your time? Are there different kinds of video content that you would like to see featured? Tell me what you think. Thanks!

Alan November – Who Owns the Learning? Preparing Students for Success in the Digital Age

News Station Does “Tools for Teachers” Awards Program

WHNT News, out of Huntsville, Alabama, has been running a Tools for Teachers program for several years now. In this article and accompanying video, From metaphors to peer mentors, this Elkmont teacher gets creative teaching math, we see teacher Linda Schmidt get recognized and awarded $319 for her good work! Here's a new article with a new award, just publish this week. How cool is that?

Kid President's Pep Talk to Teachers and Students!

If you haven't come across Kid President before, you're missing some real fun! I have to imagine plenty of kids of the right of age will get a kick out him (not to mention folks like you and me). Kid President … for President!

Active Learning Strategy

This video explains and demonstrates how active strategies like incorporating music and movement into learning can help with long term retention, recall, and more. The relationship and between the body and the mind and the learning science that examines these is an area of endless fascination to me, and one we could do such a better job of incorporating at higher grade levels.

What is 21st century education?

This video borrows from the famous “Did You Know …?” video, in short form, to remind us of the importance of evolving our classrooms and helping position students (and teachers) to stay ahead of the knowledge curve.




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