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December’s Favorite Education Technology Videos


New Monthly Feature Offers Hand Picked Videos About The Impactful Use of Technology in Education

This month we launch a new feature – a monthly collection of great videos about the productive use of technology as an aid to teaching and learning! Our first video round up offers a mix of videos discussing technology in education at a high level (the ‘whys and hows’) with videos examining some specific technologies and how they are being, and can be, used. We have a mix of academic levels represented here … hopefully these provide a little something for everyone.


How is Technology Transforming Education? Sir Ken Robinson Video Series from Adobe Education

Sir Ken Robinson has been a leading advocate of the productive use of education in technology for years. In this brief video, he speaks eloquently of the essential role technology can and should have in the transformation of modern education.

Blending technology and classroom learning: Jessie Woolley-Wilson


This talk was given at TEDxRainier in Seattle on November 10, 2012. Lifelong Education Advocate Woolley-Wilson discusses making education available to all students, everywhere, regardless of zip code.

How to Use Technology in Education (21st century education)


Paul Romani from Pear Tree Education provides an overview of how technology should be used in 21st century education. This video covers both the misconceptions about the role of technology in 21st century education, as well as the variety of meaningful uses for technology. Romani discusses poor spending/tech practices (i.e. “Bad Investment Academy”), evolving beyond simply moving paper and ‘manual’ teaching techniques to approaches that truly leverage the capabilities of today’s technology.

Transforming the Classroom with iPads


1st grade Crestview Elementary teacher Kristina Kellogg shows how she's employed ipads in her classroom to help students enjoy reading and enhance their desire to improve those skills. On a broader scale, Ms. Kellogg explains how she uses the tools to individualize and differentiate instruction to each student.

Kids Teaching Kids. Eric Marcos and the Mathtrain.TV story


We learn best from our peers. And yet, our educational system still depends on us learning from people 20-50 years our senior. Not a bad idea, when people older than us know the subject really well. But, what if students can teach other students? Or even better, what if the students can learn in the process of teaching? Eric Marcos has students show up every day after class (for no extra credit!) to make math videos for their fellow students and the rest of the world. See why and how.

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