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The Annual TLIPAD Conference – “A Conference Like No Other”


Have you Registered for the 2014 Teaching & Learning iPad Conference yet?

Instructional Technologist Vann Lassiter attended the 2012 Teaching & Learning With the iPad Conference and had some pretty wonderful things to say about it. If you are using iPads (whether you have 1 unit or a 1-to-1 program!), at any grade level, you are likely to learn a lot at this year's annual conference.

The nation's first iPad-specific education technology conference continues to be the best. Our program gets richer every year and this year is no exception – we've received lots of great presentation proposals that have positioned us to offer the best conference yet! Come with Questions … Leave With a Plan!


Don't just take our word for it … hear what this prior attendee had to say!

I attended the Teaching and Learning with iPad Conference, sponsored by Franklin Academy, in November of 2012 as part of my research and groundwork prior to the creation of the one-to-one learning initiative with Ipads in our district. Attending the conference afforded me the opportunity to network with other schools that were thinking about using iPads in a one-to-one environment. It was a platform where I could talk with teachers and administrators from Franklin who were currently using them, providing connections with individuals who were familiar with volume purchasing, hands-on experience exploring various apps and products such as the Apple TV, and time to brainstorm the most useful list of apps that our district could use.

Attending not only supplied the background knowledge that ultimately became the foundation for our program but also furnished the research needed to support our decision in selecting iPads as our choice device.

Since attending the conference I have contacted the administrators of Franklin Academy on numerous occasions. Via e-mail we have discussed and brainstormed ideas related to infrastructure, classroom management, and iPad usage agreements.

I have also had the opportunity – as a byproduct of attending the conference – to visit Franklin Academy three times. During my visits I have been able to witness firsthand the use of the device and talk with teachers, students, the technical staff, and the administrators. My three visits were for various reasons – first, for me to follow-up with individuals from the conference; second, to take administrators from my district so they could see the power of engagement and differentiation of instruction iPad offered before a decision was made on the device we wanted to use in our classrooms; and a final time to take a group of our teachers after a semester of implementation at our schools so they could glean ideas from teachers at Franklin Academy.

This conference is like no other in that it provides real “hands-on” opportunities and allows plenty of time for networking and connecting with counterparts – relationships that for me have been long lasting and invaluable.

Dr. Vann M. Lassiter
Instructional Technologist
Edenton-Chowan Schools

Come experience “a conference like no other” and see the “power of engagement and differentiation of instruction” that the iPad has to offer. We're all looking forward to seeing YOU at this year's Conference! Register today!

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