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Resources for Learning More About Small Programmable Robots for the STEM Classroom


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A teacher reached out the other day to inquire as to whether EmergingEdTech sells STEM robots. We don't. But this made me curious to search out some quality resources to learn more about using the many fun looking small, programmable STEM robot kits I've seen in web articles. So I started poking around the interwebs and seeing what I could learn and share here!

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Here are some good sites and posts I came across that dig into using these types of resources in the STEM classroom.

Best Robotics Apps and Websites for STEM Classroom


Robotics and STEM Education from TheSTEMpedia.com: https://thestempedia.com/blog/robotics-and-stem-education/

These STEM coding toys will entertain your kids while teaching them about programming and robotics

STEM Robotics under $100:

Programmable STEM Robots Vendors:

Quite a few of these I have across multiple times in my regular reading and via social media. Prices for offerings for these products vary widely (from as little as $20 to $25 a kit up to several hundred dollars each). Hopefully there are some discounts programs available for schools, and school purchasing consortiums will arrange for discounts with some vendors.

We would love to hear more from teachers using these types of kits in their classrooms! What are your experiences, recommendations, etc.?

Please drop a comment, or write a guest post to share and help inform and inspire others. 



  1. These are definitely great links for teachers and parents who are looking into STEM robotics kits for their children.
    The best resources for children who want to learn more about robotics are hands-on, creative, and comprehensive resources that allow them to build and operate their own robots. These resources would need to be accessible and affordable for all children and should offer varying degrees of complexity as those children’s skill sets advance – while also giving them the chance to form a community with fellow robotics students where they can play together and learn from each other. Revolution Robotics, a non-profit robotics start-up, has investigated the best methods for getting kids to be excited about careers and opportunities in STEM and they have developed an introductory robotics kit that focuses on developing users’ technical skills and creativity. The Revolution Robotics Challenge Kit is designed to introduce kids ages 8-13 to robotics by ushering them through the process of building their own robots and testing those robots in the real world.
    The Challenge Kit is a complete robot-building package, offering over 530 pieces – including the Raspberry Pi based brain, five powerful motors, an ultrasonic sensor, accelerometer, gyro sensor, bumper switch, gears, axles and hundreds of structural pieces. The accompanying Revolution Robotics app will provide kids ages 8 -13 an easy-to-use drag and drop programming interface to configure, code, and control their robots with any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. More experienced robot builders and programmers can also enjoy the thrills of writing more complex code via Python.

    If you have a moment, visit the Revolution Robotics website and check out the open-source platform that is being offered.



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