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Come Share YOUR Teaching With the iPad Tips and Techniques With Other


TLipad-2015-Steven-ACall for Proposals Ends June 30

Do you use the iPad in your school or classroom?

So many teachers and students are doing fun, creative things with iPads in the classroom. Each November, hundreds of educators gather in Raleigh, North Carolina and share their favorite tools, techniques and tips for making the most of the iPad as a teaching and learning tool.

The Call for Proposals for the 2015 TLIPAD Conference is open through June 30. We hope you'll submit a proposal and share your know-how! To whet your appetite, here are some of the fun sessions from past conferences.

Unleashing Creativity with iBooks Author

Since it's inception iBooks Author has been a major disruptor for the traditional classroom experience. Placing this tool in the hands of students transforms their role from being passive consumers to active builders of authentic content that can be published to a global audience. Furthermore, teachers around the world are using iBooks Author to create multi-touch interactive textbooks transforming the student learning experience into one that is interactive, personalized, and highly engaging.

Gone Google? Got iPads?

Facilitated by Google Certified Trainer for Education, Dee Lanier, this fast paced session covers 15+ Google Applications in less than an hour! Dee is a Google Certified Trainer and the Lower School Tech Catalyst at Trinity Episcopal School in Charlotte, NC. Dee also brings eight years of classroom teaching experience and four years of technology professional development training for educators K1-HS.

Rapping Across the Curriculum

You may have your own opinions about rap and hip-hop, but it’s a fact: “kids-these-days” are listening and loving it. Use that to your advantage in the classroom. In this session, learning rubrics, assignment-sheets, incentives, and the apps and resources necessary to host a rap battle in your classroom. Examples of quality student work are shared. There is also be a brief demonstration of how teacher-created raps can be used as teaching tools. If implemented in a structured, focused manner, student rap battles can be a fun, manageable, creative way to engender enthusiastic student participation and expression of content-mastery.

Teaching and Learning with the iPad Conference: High School & Higher Ed Edition

Teachers Franca Gilbert & Joy Clark share insights into how the use of the iPad facilitates higher level educational skills defined by Bloom's Taxonomy. The apps presented in this session cover the spectrum of the taxonomy. This session will explore a variety of apps that can be used across curricular areas to increase student and teacher productivity and efficiency. Also presented is a template for creating lessons and units that integrate technology to increase student interest and meet learning goals.


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