Home Future of Education Technology Kaplan University Professor commercial spot grabs my attention.

Kaplan University Professor commercial spot grabs my attention.


As I was combing through a few different drafted posts and ideas for this week's mid week post, this commercial came on. It sure caught my attention. Kudos to Kaplan for packing such a punch. I had to share it.

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[Ed Note: I have noticed that the Google ad spot at the bottom of this page at times displays a Kaplan U. ad – this is purely coincidental, as these ads are randomly generated. I am not beholden to Kaplan in any way (but yes, I was impressed by this commercial spot of theirs).]

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  1. Thanks for the feedback, JWatson14. I do realize that when you pull it apart, the commercial doesn’t necessarily say much, and the completion stats of Kaplan and some other online colleges aren’t great, but I still applaud the effectiveness of the spot at capturing attention and stimulating thought and dialogue.

    One good example of the difference between the old “sage on the stage” model, and the model that is possible through technology is that captured lecture materials can be accessed any time, from any where, as often as needed, and searched to target specific information within the materials. This is just one of the many ways that well planned use of tech can add so much value and utility to “the old model”.

  2. While it is inspiring, is it not doing what we have always been doing standing in the front and teaching? When I first saw this video some time ago I took it as inspiring as well (and depressing after I researched Kaplan a little). Have read a few posts about the video, I have realized that it is still teaching the old way, teacher in the front, everyone else listening “sage on the stage”, the only difference is that we are doing it through the use of technology.


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