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Select Session Videos from the Teaching and Learning with the iPad Conference


These Recorded Breakout Sessions are a Great Resource for Learning More About Teaching with the iPad

This weekend's conference was wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the inspired educators who came to learn more about many of the ways that the iPad can be used across the spectrum of grades and academic subjects.

In today's post I am sharing some of the videos of the breakout sessions that have been posted on YouTube (there are a handful of these posted so far as I write this – more are being processed and posted and they should all be available early in the week). Many thanks to the awesome students from Franklin Academy who did the video taping, editing and posting to YouTube!

These videos are being posted to this YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Ipadteacheracademy.

Media Integration with the iPad

This session is presented mostly by students from the Academy, and they are very impressive and knowledgeable!

“Gone Google? Got Apps?

Dee Lanier discusses the use of the iPad and Google Apps. This is really excellent – he provides insights into over 20 Google Apps for the iPad. Great stuff, much of which is device independent since resulting files are stored in the cloud and can be accessed from Google web apps and other versions of many of these tools that run on other platforms.

Professional Productivity with the iPad

Teacher Tim Hall shares a variety of applications that can help teachers be more productive in meeting the many needs of the classroom!

This is just a small selection of the videos that are being posted here in the next few days. The Teaching and Learning with the iPad Summit is a unique conference that has been run a few times by the Franklin Academy (EmergingEdTech co-sponsored this most recent event), and will likely be offered again in 2014. This conference was more productive than ever, as more of the educators who attended are regularly using the iPad in the classroom and looking to expand their uses, as opposed to recent years where more attendees were still considering using the iPad in their schools. I look forward to sharing more of these informative videos in which experienced iPad-enabled teachers offer fun tools, techniques and resources for teaching and learning with the iPad!

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