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8 Great Videos About the Flipped Classroom


These videos provide a good overview of why the flipped classroom is more popular every day, offering many useful insights for those new to ‘the flip'.

Following is a selection of eight videos that discuss the flipped classroom and why it makes so much sense. Learn how the flip enables teachers to truly personalize the classroom and differentiate learning. Discover how flipping the classroom can go hand in hand with mastery learning. Take a deeper dive into flipped instruction and questions that many teachers raise when they first learn about it, in a flipped class panel discussion.

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1. Why I Flipped My Classroom

8th grade math and Algebra 1 teacher Katie provides an excellent explanation of why she flipped her classroom in this 3 and a half minute video. Her explanation is both elegant and powerful in its simplicity.

2. The Flipped Classroom

This video is from one of the leading proponents of the flipped classroom. High School teacher Aaron Sams and fellow teacher Jon Bergmann have become well known advocates of the technology-enabled teaching technique and last year they published the book Flip Your Class: Reach Every Student in Every Class Every Day (learn more about this book here). One my favorite things about this brief (2+ min.) video is the section where we see Sams and Bergmann talking to each other in a sampling of flipped content they created – this is a great technique that can make creating flipped learning materials so much more enjoyable for the teacher, and for the students watching!

3. The Flipped Classroom is not…

This video from “mathjohnson” clears up misconceptions about the flip by explaining a lot of what the flip classroom isn't (which interestingly gives a lot of perspective on what the flipped classroom is). I love the reference to how the flipped model moves students from “playing school” to “playing learning“.

4. Salman Khan: Let's use video to reinvent education

While this video is not focused on flipped teaching, Khan talks about a lot of the elements that make the flip work, and the implications of this model as part of a larger set of changes that can lead to mastery learning. At about 6:30 in the video, he discusses how teachers reached out and informed him that they were using his videos to flip their classrooms, ‘humanizing' the classroom in the process. He goes on to explain his thoughts on how this model forms a foundation from which much more powerful changes to education delivery and learning can flow, and illustrates much of what the Khan Academy was doing at that point in time (in early 2011). This was one of the earliest and most inspiring videos I came across that discussed flipped teaching.

Flipped Classroom Workshop in a Book Cover imageThe Flipped Classroom Workshop in a Book by Kelly Walsh, available now!

5. Flipped Classrooms and the Mastery Approach to Learning

Jon Bergmann explains the ‘mastery learning' approach he implemented using the flip in this quick video (< 2 min.).

6. Flipped Classroom Panel Discussion

This is the longest video here, but it is delivered in the form of an article where some of the dialogue has been translated to text for easier/quicker consumption (and to also encourage readers to go on and watch the video to learn more). This is from a recent online panel discussion that I moderated at the request of McGraw-Hill and it is rich with deeper insights into how the flip works. Around the half way point, we started taking questions from the 1000+ people who watched this streamed Google Hangout.

7. Tips and Techniques for Creating Good Quality Engaging Instructional Screencasts

Once you're convinced that the flip is something you want to consider trying, you'll probably start experimenting with screen casting applications (although it is important to know that you don't have to use screen casts, especially when you first get started – there are other sources of content and other ways to create your own – we learn more about these in this summer's flipped classroom workshop). While this is sort of a jump ahead, I wanted to share this video and article, in which I have culled dozens of good tips from articles across the web, discussing suggestions for how to create good screen casts.

8. The Flipped Classroom as a Vehicle to the Future

This seems like a good video to wrap up with. “With the power of the flipped classroom, we are now creating the future [of teaching and learning], not waiting for it.”

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