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Guest Posts from Teachers, Admins, Instructional Technlogists Welcome!


Do you have an Instructional Technology experience you want to share?

My favorite posts are usually those from educators who share their stories and experiences leveraging technology in pursuit of increased student engagement and agency and better learning outcomes. I welcome article submissions from educators and encourage you to consider sharing your ideas and learning experiences here on EmergingEdTech!


Here's a few ideas about the kinds of things readers would love to hear about:

Teachers: Tell us about ways in which you are using technologies to get your students excited and involved, especially if you are seeing real improvements in outcomes – higher engagement, better grades, and so on. Or just share a tool or technique you enjoy.

Administrators: Share your ideas and observations or tell us about instructional technology uses you have encouraged and supported, or would delight in adding to your school's approach to teaching.

Instruction Technology Support: You have plenty of ideas about how to make instructional tech work and what not to do. Share your experiences and your successes!

Posts can be anywhere from 400 to 800 or more words, and should, of course be well written. More importantly, they must be relevant to the site.

To submit an idea, just click through to our Contact Form and submit a brief summary of who you are, your role as an educator, and the type of content you wish to write about. If your submissions sounds good, I'll get back to you as quick as I can (I do get an awful lot of email, so please be patient). If you have any trouble with the Contact Form, just leave a comment submission below.

I look forward to hearing from you!




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