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Music Education Technology Resources


A handful of websites and resources for Music Educators interested in leveraging education technology in the instructional process.

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the opening concert of the 2010 tour for progressive rock music legends Yes. Motivated by the wonderful performances of these experienced and inspiring musicians, I decided that this week's mid-week post would focus on Education Technology specific to Music Education. I poked around the Internet and found a handful of useful looking sites and resources focused on this topic, and I share and briefly summarize them below.

I'd love to hear from readers about similar resources, or intriguing Music Education Technology applications they might be aware of, so please share if you have something to offer. Thanks!

  • Music Education Technology Network (http://musiceducationtechnology.ning.com/): This is a Ning based social network focused on technology as a tool in music education, started last August by Miikka Salavuo. Click here to read a post explaining the purpose/goals of the site.
  • Strategies for Music Education (http://www.teachervision.fen.com/music/resource/5363.html): This page on the Teacher Vision web site has a great listing of “Technology Stategies” that focus on the National Standards for Music Education, and a good deal more.
  • Technology Institute for Music Education (http://www.ti-me.org/): This is a site with some free resources, with more available through paid membership (ar $40/yr.). They have an annual Conference (this year's is Feb 18-20 in NJP), they offer workshops, and they have a nice listing of publications and resources.
  • Kelly's Music & Computers – Using Technology in Music Education (http://kellysmusicandcomputers.com/education.htm): (First, allow me to clarify that this Kelly is not me!). Kelly's Computers and Music appears to sell music education related technology, but the page I have shown here is a collection of articles that look like they may be informative to the music educator. The site also offers newsletters and other resources.
  • Technology in Music Education Blog (http://techinmusiced.wordpress.com/): This blog by Christopher J. Russell has a bunch of articles about iPhone music ed apps and more. I thought it was worth a look.

As I mentioned above, if you know of other useful sites in this realm, please comment and let us know about them. In the meanwhile, click play for the video below of Yes playing Roundabout and turn up the volume!


  1. Neuromusic for Kids

    Kids of new generation should have different methods of training.
    They are capable to perceive information faster, with cross-modal transfer,
    activating all senses at once : visual recognition, audio perception, neuromotor functions.
    We have to help Children in Schools of Arts




    NeuromusicGroup – Reflection Ukraine

  2. R E F L E C T I O N

    Music Teaching Technology for Beginners.

    Ukraine .
    Mr.  S.M.Stepanov

    We would like to offer  the sci.articles
    “Digital Music Grammar “ and “Algorithm of  Microcycles “
    for  your review.


    A b s t r a c t

    Throughout many centuries, the musical structure has had numerous modifications. We can observe the constant use of digits for convenience of notation of the music sounds, for example : digital organ bass, lute tablatures, guitar jazz ciphers. At nowadays the digital system of music teaching is absent in curriculum and is not applied in practice because of teacher’s insufficient professional knowledge in the sphere of child’s neurophysiology . The findings of our scientific investigations have permit us to understand the most delicate mechanisms of child’s mental activity and to detect new creative abilities.Application of the information technologies will help schoolmasters to improve the quality, speed and efficiency of music teaching for beginners. The scientific methods “Digital Music Grammar“ and “ Algorithm of Microcycles “ are dedicated to children on the development their intellectual and creative abilities.


    teacher of music Stepanov S.M.

  3. Because I was finding music technology resources hard to come by I created a site and a forum for sharing ideas and compiling resources. See what you think at: blog.digital student.co.uk

  4. Thanks for giving various music education technolgies. At mywap site zvavanhu.mywapblog.com there is research on how primary school teacher supposed to teach children music lessons


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