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Eye Witness To History (dot com)


A great site for history class and more.

Over the weekend I read about this site and thought it made for a great mid-week post. EyeWitnessToHistory.com has content that could certainly be useful in some history courses, but could lend itself to other courses as well (Social Studies, English, etc.).

This site is a collection of over 200 “eye witness” accounts to historical events (some of them are somewhat second-hand, but most are direct accounts). What I find the most interesting are the real old ones – things like “The Suicide of Socrates” from 399 BC, and “Kublai Khan In Battle, 1287” as observed by Marco Polo.

Many of the articles on the site are textual, but there are also a growing number of videos as well. Stop by and have a look if this sound of interest!




  1. Re eye witness to history site. I agree there are a lot of great pieces of information on this site – unfortunately the site fails most of the criteria a critical evaluator of website authenticity/credibility might be checking for. If these issues were attended to – it would rate 10/10

  2. One of my students actually found this site while we were working on doing research for digital magazines that we will be publishing. I couldn’t believe the wealth of primary source documents that the site contained, and the rest of my classes have found it incredibly beneficial as well!


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