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Hundreds of Learning Strategies Developed by Learning Specialists, Free from Mindprint Learning


Cognitive Assessment Specialist Offer a Rich set of Free Resources

There is now an entirely FREE version of Mindprint available.  Seriously, no catch so please share with potentially interested colleagues and parents.

What it is:

1) 300+ research-backed instructional and homework strategies written by our child psychologists and learning specialists
2) 1500+ reviews of third party educational products organized by academic subject. All reviews are by certified teachers through the lens of our UDL (Universal Design for Learning)-inspired rubric. 50%+ are free. We link you to Amazon or iTunes if you want to buy, but we don't re-sell products and we don't accept fees from developers so we can remain independent. We are your trusted guide.

Which Students will Benefit:

1) Very bright students who finish early and need something extra
2) Struggling learners who often need extra support
3) Typical students who sometimes get stuck
4) Any child whose parent is looking for something extra to supplement at home
5) Children who have difficulties getting homework completed (ADHD, other executive function difficulties)
6) Anxious students who need products that don't add to their stress (like apps without timers)

Which Teachers will Benefit:

1) Experienced teachers who want to add a little ed tech or games to their classrooms on occasion
2) Newer teachers who need additional strategies for students
3) Support parents who struggle to get their kids to do homework
4) Support parents who ask for summer learning options
5) Teachers who tutor and need to identify an education plan for each student

What's the Catch?

1) No catch. We make our money selling the Mindprint cognitive assessment and a personalized toolbox for those who want to objectively identify learning strengths and needs (executive functions, complex reasoning, processing speed, memory). Since we've created all the content for our paying customers, we can make this portion of our site free for parents and teachers who we know would benefit. As a result, we are entirely ad-free and always will be.
2) No catch, but we hope you will say “thank you” by rating the products and learning strategies you try in the User Review section. This helps us optimize our algorithm and your comments will “pay it forward” to others.
I'm In! What do I do? Click on the following link and provide your email address: https://my.mindprintlearning.com/signup/free.


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