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Have you Flipped your Classroom? How are you Using Class Time?


One of the most challenging and most rewarding aspects of ‘the flip' is how teachers use classroom time.

With the growing interest in this technology-enabled teaching technique, more and more teachers are tackling the challenging issue of how to use classroom time once they've made more traditional lecture content available outside of the classroom. When people first learn about the flipped classroom, there is a natural tendency to see it working well for math, applied sciences, and classes in art or music, where there are no shortage of “hands on” activities available to make the best use of classroom time, but the flip can also work well for social sciences, language arts, and humanities types of courses as well.

In their book, “Flip Your Classroom: Reach Every Student in Every Class Every Day” Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams offer ideas about how to use the valuable face-to-face class time that results from flipping learning content. Some of their suggestions for these types of courses include, “delve deep into document analysis”, and “debate, give speeches, conduct pro se court, and discuss what students are learning more deeply …”.

Another example from “Flip Your Classroom” that took me a little by surprise, but makes a ton of sense once you learn of it, is  about flipping Physical Education classes.

“Physical education teachers report that the spend too much time teaching students things like the rules of games and some of the techniques. When teachers began making videos (with a video camera) of rules, students can come to class and quickly get top moving their bodies and participating in the important physical education activities.”

Of course, there's probably no better way to bring this idea to life than to hear from teachers who have done it. Whether you have flipped a couple lectures or your entire course, in any subject, we would love to hear from you about how you have used your time. Readers love to learn what others are doing, and you may very well pick up some great ideas by reading the contributions that others make. Also, I am in the process of writing a book about this subject, and reader input will be considered for inclusion.

Please take a moment to comment and share your experiences (or even just your thoughts on how you might approach this if you haven't actually done it yet). Thanks!

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  2. Thanks Carrie – this is great information you’ve shared on your site! I’ll be rolling up feedback and sharing it here as well, and I’ll be sure to include your site and some of your experiences. Am I correct in reading that this a Child Development class?

  3. I teach in a community college setting and this semester, midstream, I decided to move to a flipped classroom model. I’d been thinking about doing it for awhile and after a discussion with my students on how to best support their learning we all decided together to give it a try.

    I’ve been writing about it on my blog which includes links to the video clips and Prezis that I have made so far for my students.

    I am very new to this process, but decided to jump in because my students encouraged me to do so. I read Jonathon Bergmann and Aaron Sams’ book “Flip Your Classroom: Reach every student in every class every day” and found it to be helpful.

    I look forward to your book!


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