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One Day Flipped Classroom Workshop March 27th in Fishkill, NY

We're Pushing This out to October, as we had Limited Registration – Hopefully we can Raise Awareness of this over the Coming Months. Tell Your Colleagues! DETAIL TO FOLLOW SOON!

EmergingEdTech and FlippedClassroomWorkshop.com founder Kelly Walsh will be running a full day Flipped Classroom Workshop at the Hyatt House in Fishkill, NY on March 27th, 2015. NOW Rescheduled for October – specific date too follow shortly!


This full day workshop will provide a practical learning experience for educators wishing to develop a plan to incorporate flipped teaching and learning techniques into their classes and courses. Those who have started working with flipped classroom techniques who wish to learn more and develop their plans will also benefit from this workshop.

This professional development workshop will incorporate flipped instruction techniques – you'll watch a few videos before hand so we can really “hit the ground running” the day of the workshop. Additionally, practical hands-on exercises (bring your laptops or tablets!) will provide active learning experiences and help to reinforce techniques and content being covered. Participants will work with each other and the workshop instructor to explore new ideas and clear up misconceptions.

A free copy of the eBook Flipped Classroom Workshop-in-a-Book by EmergingEdTech author Kelly Walsh will be provided to all students as a resource for further learning and exploration.

Flip Class Professional Development NY CT

Workshop Details

DATE: October, 2015 – TBD

LOCATION: Hyatt House (100 Westage Business Center Drive), Fishkill, NY

COST: $199 (Group Discounts Available for 3 or more)

Flipped Classroom Workshop tlipad

Workshop Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the workshop, you should be able to …

  • Identify key considerations that must be addressed in flipped teaching and learning.
  • Select from an array of techniques and tools to help ensure that students engage with digital learning content.
  • Demonstrate familiarity with a variety of tools to create interactive flipped learning content (your own content and/or expert content from other sources).
  • Demonstrate awareness of a variety of tools and techniques for creating engaging screencasts.
  • Understand key considerations in flipped content delivery.
  • Demonstrate awareness of a variety of approaches to enhancing active learning in the classroom.
  • Utilize various strategies for overcoming objections to flipped instruction.

CLICK HERE for the full AGENDA



Registrants will receive a confirmation within 24 hours of registering. Thank You! We look forward to your participation!

Here's what participants in recent EmergingEdTech Flipped Classroom Workshops had to say when asked … What did you like best about this workshop?

“The resources that I now have to solve many of the road blocks I was having.”

“The workshop exceeded my expectations. I learned about so many resources and techniques to use for flipping content. Thanks Kelly for providing this experience.”

“The wealth of information provided about flipping classes – articles, websites, technology, and the online book … the right pace and amount of work …”

“Networking with the other participants”

“The feedback from Kelly and from classmates; this helped me to focus on my techniques for “flipping” and for experimenting with new techniques and tools.”

More feedback … from our 4-Week Online Workshops …

– “I just wanted to say thank you for this class. I learned more about the how and whys of flipping the classroom and I was able to reflect on what I already know and put in a written format. I liked reading the posts of other class members as well. They gave some great ideas and it was nice to have some of my questions/concerns brought up by others. This class is also ‘rubbing off’ on a couple of my colleagues as well. They are not creating their own content, but they are leveraging already created content and their current website to offer students more resources! This has occurred since my conversations about this class started!”

– “The book was phenomenal! At this point I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed this course and have already recommended it to others and plan to continue. Thank you for a job well done!

– “My head is spinning with all of the great ideas that I gained from this workshop — and especially from our discussions. I am going to try to get on the agenda for an upcoming all-school meeting to share some of the ideas from this workshop. I am even leaning toward flipping my “new prep” classes if I can feel comfortable with staying ahead of the students in content creation. Our classes are structured to be two hours of lecture and two hours of lab per week. That translates into an hour of lecture followed by an hour of lab two days a week. By flipping my classes, I feel that the students who now struggle with homework will excel due to the reality that the homework they are assigned is laying the groundwork for what they do in class. Now, I’m just looking for a sure way to get and keep them motivated to access the flipped content for their homework. But, I think that problem might just take care of itself — we’ll see!”

– “I definitely look forward to experimenting with the flipped classroom. I’ve been working on screencasts using iPad apps such as educreations and explain everything. I think they are easy tools to use and interested in seeing how the students take to it. I’m also looking Into experimenting with TedEd also. Having an archive of lessons will prove beneficial. Students will be able to access lessons for review and if they want to go ahead. All in all, I envision this will free up more time for students to practice what they are learning. Whether its playing review games, answering practice problems, or even making their own screencasts, I think the learning process will be a positive one for the students.”



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