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12 Cool Technologies “The Jetsons” Predicted For 2062 That We Have Right Now


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This fun family cartoon was ahead of its time. Technology is now ahead of its imagined predictions.

The futuristic family cartoon The Jetsons premiered in 1962. It was set 100 years in the future in the year 2062. We're over half way there now, but surprisingly, many of the technologies they predicted in the cartoon are already a reality, while others are maturing quickly.

Considering how we've already managed to achieve much of what was foreseen back in 1962 is an interesting lesson about the pace of change of digital technologies. Since we know that this pace is only quickening, imagine how far we will have advanced when 2062 finally rolls around!

Video calls

In the picture above, we see Jane and George chatting via video. This technology has been commonplace for years now.

Robotic vacuums

We can also see Jane tapping on her device, ordering something to “vacuum”. Roomba anyone?

Tablet computers

That gadget Jane is using looks an awful lot like a tablet computing device doesn't it? Holy iPad Elroy!

Robotic house help

Counterparts to Rosie the Robot Maid are now for sale in a growing number of styles, such as the model we see here from YellRobot.

Flying Cars

Apparently, this is here now!

Smart Watches

They were ahead of the curve again with the iWatch and similar digital wrist pieces like those available at superwatches.com.


Elroy can be seen flying a drone-like toy in at least one episode. Of course, Drones have been a reality for several years now.


Someone thought of it back in 1962, and we're doing it now.

Image credit: Jetsons / Pulse

3D printed food

In the picture below we see The Jetsons sitting down and selecting which foods will be magically “printed” via their futuristic food making machine. Seem like 3D printing to me. Well, in a very Jetsons-like development, NASA Astronauts Can Now 3D-Print Pizzas in Space.

The “PillCam”

Apparently this is a thing now!


Below we see Elroy flying via his futuristic Jetpack. We can do that.

Flat Screen TVs

Again, old news here in 2019.

The Jetsons were an imagination-rich look at the future that debuted in the year I was born. It's pretty wild to live in the world they foresaw!



  1. What an Amazing article . Just to see how far we have advance in over the years . Thanks to technology and the Jetson’s predictions .

  2. It is absolutely fabulous that “The Jetsons” predictions are almost coming to pass.
    certainly, it is an insight seeing and great vision, for a prediction way-back in 1962, against 2062, to be almost accomplished in half of the predicted time. Technologies are indeed very essential. the smart watch, flat screen TVs, smart computer and etcetera, these are very needful.

  3. Tasers! In the episode where Astro becomes part of the Jetson family. The police tasers Geoge as he is running away from the electric dog and the police officer outside his Space pod apartments.

    The treadmill in the scene where Astro is taken for a walk outside his apartment.

  4. This article failed to mention what they call in the cartoon as the communicators which would be equivalent to cell phones they also failed to mention fax machines. They also failed to mention remotes most everything electronic nowadays has some type of remote control


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