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5 “Spooky” Tech Trends – From AI Dreams to Virtual Influencers


The smart folks over at Enlightened Digital shared this fun and frightening infographic, in the Halloween spirit. Seriously though, this is some spooky tech!

  • Audio Spotlights: Feel like you're hearing voices? Well they may be real – beamed right at you while shopping for example. Learn more here.
  • Social Media Bots: Anyone who has heard about Russian meddling in the 2016 election has heard a story involving social media bots. And don't fool yourself, plenty of organizations in many countries are using these bots to manipulate popular opinion and control the narrative. Up for a little astroturfing, anyone?
  • Ransomware: If you haven't heard of this terrifying malware yet, that's a little surprising. How about getting locked out of all your data and having to pay a ransom to get it back? It's been happening all over the world for years now. Let's hope you never have to experience it.
  • AI is ‘dreaming': Google's AI has dreamt up some pretty wild images, and some of them are pretty spooky (while others are spooky pretty!)
  • Virtual Influencers: As if the world isn't confusing enough for today's students, life-like artificial social media influencers are just one more bizarre aspect of today's digital existence.

That's enough to make me want to shut it all down and go take a nice long walk…




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