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WizIQ Virtual Classroom Plugin for Moodle – Integrate Live Class Functionality to your Website


Moodle is one of the most popular learning management systems among online educators and trainers. It is used across the world for various online teaching methods such as blended learning, distance learning, flipped learning, etc. While creating your online course platform on Moodle is quite easy, the lack of a live class functionality stops the user from having live classroom sessions in their online courses. Self-paced courses have their own sets of benefits, but real-time video sessions with the students lend a competitive edge to your online teaching initiatives.

WizIQ Moodle virtual classroom plugin lets you add a live classroom function to your already existing Moodle website. In addition to getting a live class feature in your website, you also don’t have to face the hassle of moving your entire course to a different LMS that supports live classes – integrate the plugin to your website, and you are good to go. What’s more? The plugin is available for the latest Moodle versions.

Here’s a quick look at the benefits you get with the WizIQ Virtual Classroom plugin:

  • Single Sign-on: Signing in to your Moodle website gives you the access of the live class feature as well without the need for a separate sign-in.
  • Quick Setup: The simple interface of the platform lets you create and schedule a live class within minutes
  • eLearning tools and features: Tools such as online whiteboard, live chat, live poll, and real-time content and screen sharing make running live classes in WizIQ a seamless experience
  • High-quality Output: WizIQ Virtual Classroom is built on WebRTC, and offers multi-bitrate streaming, high-quality audio-video streaming, and a 5-way screen layout
  • Class Recording: Live classes are recorded and can be shared with others after the session
  • Detailed Reports: Instructors get automated reports on attendance, time spent in class, in time, out time, etc. helping them analyze the student performance

Installation Steps

We have covered the steps that you need to take to integrate the WizIQ Virtual Classroom plugin to your Moodle website. Take a look:

Step 1

Step 2

  • Upon clicking ‘Download Plugin’, you will be redirected to your WizIQ Academy. Set your Academy password here.

  • Once you are in your Academy, please complete the onboarding steps.

Step 3

  • Once you land on the Academy homepage, click the ‘Menu’ button at top left to open the side-pan. Click your name at the lower end of the side pan and select ‘Administrator’.
  • Click the ‘Academy Settings’

  • Click the ‘APIs and Plugins’

  • Click the ‘Download Plugins’ option (Please take note of the ‘Access Key’ and ‘Secret Key’ fields on this page as you will require these on Step 7).

Step 4

  • Upon clicking ‘Download Plugins’, you will be redirected to WizIQ’s plugin download page.
  • Click the ‘Download your plugin’ field and select ‘Moodle’ from the drop-down list.
  • Save the Virtual Classroom plugin zip file.

Step 5

  • Go to your Moodle website and log in as Administrator.
  • Click the ‘Site Administration’ option at the left side of the page.

  • Click ‘Plugins’ and then click ‘Install Plugins’.


Step 6

  • Click the ‘Install plugin from the zip file’

  • Select the zip file you downloaded on Step 4 and install it.

  • After installation, click the ‘Upgrade Moodle Database Now’ button to upgrade the plugin.

Step 7

  • Upon installation, you will be redirected to the ‘New settings – wiziq’
  • Copy the ‘Access Key’ and ‘Secret Access’ Key from WizIQ Academyà Settingsà APIs and Plugins (See Step 3) and save the changes.
  • Your WizIQ Virtual Classroom plugin for Moodle is integrated to your Moodle website.

Step 8

  • Go into any of the courses in your Moodle website and click ‘Turn Editing On’.

  • Click ‘Add an activity or resource’.

  • Select ‘WizIQ Live Class’.

  • Fill up the class-related details to set up your live class.


That's it!



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