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Why I Like IBM’s Open Badges and DeveloperWorks Courseware


I just earned a “Blockchain Essentials” Digital Badge – for free (and it was fun)

Kudos to IBM for putting together great mini-courses that are free to everyone and provide digital badges upon completion. I got a solid introduction to Blockchain Essentials while also earning my first Digital Badge, in just a couple hours. It was a fun experience. I look forward to taking another one of these little courses: https://developer.ibm.com/courses/all/!

Many of the courses are pretty techy, but some less so, like the Blockchain Essential course. These was a nicely done course consisting of mostly short video clips followed by “check points” requiring users to validate their understanding of learned facts. These were not super-challenging, and participants get multiple attempts at finding the right answer to these multiple choice questions. The bigger challenge was a hands-on lab in which you had to change some default values in pre-formatted JSON code blocks. To finally earn the badge you had to get 8 out of 10 questions on a quiz correct.

I came away with solid overview of “Blockchain Essentials” and learned things I did not know. For example, I developed a considerable appreciation for the extent to which Blockchain is quickly being adopted for use for supply chain management in numerous industries. I also learned about the vast and growing open Linux Foundation's Hyperledger Project (with 140+ major cross-industry organizations involved) and the open Hyperledger Composer.

Upon completion, I earned a Digital Badge, which can be viewed here.

I highly recommend that those interested in tech take a look at IBM's free courses.



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