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Digital Technologies and Education Tweet Recap, w/e 02-17-18


Inspiring, informative, useful, or just plain fun tweets posted on Twitter over this past week … collected here to share with our blog readers.

EmergingEdTech Teaching Technology Tweet Wrap

This week in the wrap, we start off with an announcement of two online events taking place on the first and last Saturdays in March. I will be hosting two flipped learning events on the interactive Shindig Platform on behalf of the Flipped Learning Network, and I hope you'll come join us and support the not-for-profit FLN! Also in the wrap this week, we have three resources focus on learning math, and a great interview with “Spark Learning” author and educator Ramsey Musallam. We wrap the wrap with a few pieces that are resonating in the national headlines right now. I wrote about Astroturfing and media manipulation last year and now we see the reality of these concepts playing out at a national level as the U.S. accuses Russia of engaging in them. We need to help students be aware of these deceiptful practices that are impacting what they see in social media and on “news” sites.

The Flipped Learning Network in throwing two online ‘Pillar Parties'! We hope you'll join us for interactive exploration of the F-L-I-P pillars with internationally recognized #FippedLearning Experts, online Sat, 3/3 & 3/31!

Schoology has created a “Global Digital Citizenship Challenge”, encouraging educators to build and use resources for creating better digital citizens

“When am I ever gonna use this?” 79 Math In “Real Life” Lessons from FreeTechforTeachers

What your most-used emojis say about your personality and #bossbabe ways

There is a lot to be concerned about here … “Tech Companies Are Buying Their Own Education Research. That's a Problem”

Putting the fun back into maths with Zapzapmath

It was great interviewing @ramusallam for the “Early Adopter” feature in new #flippedlearning newsletter, & learning how to motivate Ss to _want_ to learn by creating “tension between what they know and what they don't know”

The Matific Math Games is your chance to increase math scores, encourage a growth mindset in math (& win your share of more than $50K in cash & prizes)!

In closing, here's … Two great posts to explore w/Ss next week, to help them recognize devious media practices like those bought to light re: Russian meddling: “Peeling back the layers …” & Astroturfing



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