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Why Chat Matters for Homework


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Chat can be a powerful aid for students

At Socratic, we talk to students every week. By user testing often, we ensure that we're building the right app and learning experience for students. We also learned a lot about how they hack their phones for studying. Some of the insights we gathered are pretty genius. Because students are always on their phones, they search for help on phones instead of laptops. It's just easier and more convenient. They screenshot almost everything from textbooks to their friends' notes. This also conveniently lightens the bookbag on the way home!

Most importantly, we learned that homework is a social activity. Students talk to their friends about school all the time, on all kinds of apps like iMessage, Snapchat, Messenger, and Instagram. Chatting during homework time also builds camaraderie as they work through tough assignments and prepare for exams. This last insight fueled our thinking behind our latest feature launch. What if students didn't have to switch between distracting, content-rich apps while they were doing homework? What if there was a way to communicate with your genius classmates, not just your closest friends who may not have all the answers?

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Our answer was to build Study Groups and chat. We're thrilled to add a social dimension to Socratic, adding support from classmates and friends! Students can create groups around specific classes, and these groups are discoverable by anyone in the class. You may not be friends with the genius in the class, but now there's a place where it’s OK to ask them for help. Students can chat about logistics, share resources, or provide pointers. We’ve also purposely designed it to look like Snapchat since that’s what kids are already comfortable with and are using everyday.

“Many students these days get heavy workload, which can make school a stressful, anxious experience. We want to keep Socratic as the go-to app for homework help, but add the support of a kid's closest friends and encouraging classmates. We're thrilled by how quickly students are taking to chat, and can't wait to work on more features that will not only help students learn, but also help others,” added Chris Pedregal and Shreyans Bhansali, the founders of Socratic.


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Olivia Lin manages growth and operations at Socratic, the top-ranked homework help app that combines the latest AI technologies with educator-created content. Socratic strives to put a free, instant tutor in every student's pocket and to make learning more accessible for all students. Before Socratic, Olivia ran operations at touchlab and community at SNAP Interactive.


  1. Self-study is a significant and important part of learning. And the success in learning directly depends on a person\’s ability to do it on your own. The results of the research showed that 32.5% of pupils are stretching their homework for a week; 11% do the work one day before the next lesson; 6.8% – one hour before the lesson; 6.3% – within 24 hours after the lesson; and only 1.9% do the task within an hour after the lesson.
    Most often, students perform work from home (55%) or during a break at work (33%). The most popular time for students to do homework is from 17:00 to 20:00 (an average of 27%), the second most popular period is 12: 00-18:00. Early in the morning and late at night doing homework about the same percentage of students: 12% in the morning and 14% in the evening.
    Specialists of the online school on their own study found that students who postpone homework for more than three days, study 1.5 times less efficiently than students who do homework within one or two days after the lesson. School methodologists and ed-tech specialists came to the conclusion that in order for the process of self-study not to be ignored by the students of the school, one must literally \”\”penetrate\”\” their mobile phones. An effective tool in the fight against procrastination can be a mobile application that allows you to carry out your homework immediately: in underground, in a taxi, during a working break.


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