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iSLCollective: Teachers Love These Free ESL/ELL Resources



Popular, Multi-Lingual Resource Platform Launches New Interactive Video Quiz Maker

iSLCOLLECTIVE.com, is a publishing and sharing platform used by over 2 million ESL teachers, with resources available in many languages. Larry Ferlazzo is a fan too (we love Larry's work!) and he wrote this about the platform earlier this year:

“I’ve had the iSLCollective on The Best Sites For Free ESL/EFL Hand-Outs & Worksheets for quite awhile. However, I didn’t realize how large the quantity of their resources really spanned until this week – they’ve got tons of high quality (with a few exceptions) materials available for free download after a quick registration. Language teachers all over the world contribute what I hope are their own creations (with luck, none are uploading the work of others). I was looking for a few supplemental materials one of my peer tutors could use with a few students, and was very impressed. I was even more impressed with a newer feature on the site – the ability to create interactive videos …”

New Video Tool

Larry's quote makes a great segue to introduce this new interactive video quiz maker and library of 1000+ video quizzes: https://en.islcollective.com/video-lessons.

Here is a 3-minute video we made which gives a brief idea of how the quiz maker works:

Teacher Testimonials

The folks at iSLCollective gladly furnished a handful of testimonials from teachers sharing their appreciation of the platform. Here are several of them:

I like the video creator as it's very easy to use. This was my first creation and I enjoyed figuring out how it works. As a digital immigrant, I really appreciate such websites and platforms.

My students also loved it. I think everybody likes variety and a short video can always spice up a lesson. Most of my lessons are in the afternoon as I teach in a language school, which means that the students come to the lessons after they have sat through seven or eight classes at school – the Hungarian education system – or the adults may arrive frazzled (or at least tired) after finishing their eight-hour workday. Most of my students are 14+, a lot of them are preparing for advanced language exams. They are motivated 🙂 and this in turn motivates us, the teachers to try to do our best. So I'm sure I'll be back to create more lessons and I'm planning to explore the rest of the website including the printables and the projectables.

Thanks for your work.


Zsuzsa (Zsitku)


I really love using the videos in the classroom.  I am a middle school ESOL teacher, and I teach sixth, seventh, and eighth grade in Columbus, Georgia. At the moment, I have seventy-six students. Predominately, I use the videos as the bell ringer. My students love taking turns responding to the questions. They are partial to animated videos containing sentence scramblers and synonyms.

It was easy to use the video creator, and I plan on creating more videos when I have time. The only problem I had was at the end. I did not put in enough information and remained stuck in draft mode. However, once I realized what I needed to do, it became relatively easy.

This is a wonderful resource, and I can't thank you enough for providing it.

God bless you,

Recheal Jacobs


I am a Dutch and English teacher in The Netherlands. I teach children who are in special need. They learn Dutch (and English) as a second language. And otherwise they are children who learn in lower levels. So, I was in need of material to motivate them and revise grammar in a nice way.

I already use “EDpuzzle”, but on your platform I can add more types of questions. Big advantage on EDpuzzle is the way you can create your own class and see progress and store your own (or other) material.

My pupils are 12-15 and they loved the “Casino-mode” for the exercises. I do realise this only works when you use this not too often, but none the less, it’s great fun.

I have to make more Dutch stuff.

Thanks for your interest!

Diane Gerritse


So there you have it – iSLCollective is a powerful free resource for those who teach ESL/EFL. Give it a look, and feel free to share your experience or feedback in a comment!



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