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New 3 Minute Teaching TOOL-torial: ThingLink!



3 Minute Teaching “Tooltorial” No. 15 Provides a Quick Overview of ThingLink

Early last month I had the pleasure of making my first ThingLink interactive image. ThingLink is such a cool free* tool for creating unique content for learning, it seemed like a great candidate for a 3 Minute Teaching Tool-torial. And now, here it is!

ThingLink lets you turn images and videos into interactive experiences. Check it out:

Here are the two ThingLinks I've created so far:

You can also embed these, but the ones I've created work best full screen, so I prefer providing the link as I have done above and letting people use them in the full screen mode.  

*ThingLink has a premium version for $35 that offers additional functionality beyond what the free tool can do.



  1. Hi….
    ThingLink is a cloud-based tool that enables educators and learners to make static images interactive by way of rich media tags. Rich media tags can be used to incorporate links to other sources – for example you can create a rich media tag to embed a YouTube video. 3 Reasons to use ThingLink in the classroom:


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